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Why Be Anonymous?

Quality Time?

Not having seen him much at the weekend, he needed some quality time together.

Pay Off?

He shouldn't have worried about his money so much. She knew how to pay off her debts.

Any Data That Confirms Our?

Any data that confirms our suspicion will be examined by the board. What do you think this sentence means?

I Lost My Way. Can?

I lost my way. Can you give me a hint? Is this correct?


Can pillow cover and pillow sham be used interchangeably? Thanks

Seeking Help In English?

Hello, i was wondering if any of the moderaters can hwlp me with following: I am practicing advanced english and teaching english to the beginners and those who who r at elemetary...


Sorry to disappoint you, or sorry to have disappointed you.


Can we say both 'Who did you visit last Sunday?' 'Whom did you visit last Sunday?'

Which One Is Right? 'The?

Which one is right? 'The following persons should meet the President.' OR Following persons should meet the President.'

Correct Grammar?

Can anyone settle this bet? Is this correct grammar - "Did you arrive of a saturday or sunday?"

Can A Pillow Cover &?

Can a pillow cover & a pillow sham be used interchangeably?Thanks


-who is lying?or -which of the two is lying? Are these two sentences possible?


Can anybody telling me why in the whole English language only 'Asthma' has four constants without any vowels in between/ Even foreign names entering the language must have vowels...

Right Word, Wrong Word?

I've found the following sentence in a text written by a non-native speaker of English: "Later on, it was the metallurgist industry which opened new labour opportunities in...

You Are So Inside .......... .

"You are so inside music." What does this sentence mean? Does it mean the speaker loves music very much? Or, does it mean the speaker has a wide knowledge about music? ...

I Am Finished?

I hear people saying "I am finished" when they actually mean "I have finished". Is it correct to say that? I feel that it's a strange sentence. It seems to imply "I am finished...


is it correct to say, "she'll be here between 2:00 to 4:00"? or " between 2:00 and 4:00" is more proper?

What's A Better Way To Say...

Advance will give you the procedures for being reimbursed for the cost of your Rx.

Make Up?

What if you made it all up? I have read this sentence. Could someone provide me with a context?

Question About There's?

Hi, I would like to know if this is correct : "It seems there's been a lot of changes ..." Or should it be "there've" or "there have"?

I Have A Question !!!?

1. It's a wonderful book. I (enjoy ) every moment of it. 2. We've always wanted a house in the country, but we ( disagree) on where it should be. 3. Can you give me some...


i need a list of adjectives

Let's Think?

Is it Ok if I say " English also has many difficulties that we have to overcome if we want to master it". Some say only people " have difficulties ", not English or things.

Which Is Correct?

Which is correct, "the machine is in a good working order" or "the machine is in a good working state"? Thank you.

Grammar Help?

Can I say, " I am planning of wearing these shoes."
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