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Why Be Anonymous?

Sealed/ Sailed?

There is an expression which is something like My lips are sealed/sailed? When would you use it?

Verb 'Inform'?

Is it correct to say: you should inform yourself about... I think a better way is: you should get some information about... Are there any other ways? Thank you in advance...

Floor Or Ground?

I am wondering about the correct usage of the words floor and ground. My husband loves to correct me and he pushed me a little to hard on this one. I often tell my two year old...


What is the difference between I'd love to be with you or I'd like to be with you?


I took pictures, but they turned out blurry. Is this sentence ok? The facade of the building is beautiful. Is it ok ? Thanks.


-Was she fighting a losing battle? -Was she figthing a worth battle? Which of the two sentences would be correct?


1.Have you gone missing? 2.Have you been missing? Are these two sentences correct? Is there any difference in meaning?

Usage Of What?

"What up today?" - is this sentence correct

Please Help Soon?

Despite explicitly mentioning to you in advance, to hold the package for me, it was returned to the sender. Is it right? Thanks.

Difference Between Words?

what is the difference between told and said. How will you use themin different situations

Please Help: Jetlagged?

1) I learned some new vocabulary and formed this sentence: Despite explicitly mentioning to you in advance, to hold the package for me, it was returned to the sender. 2) Jetlagged...

Reported Speech 2?

Mary: I think I have found the love of my life and I'll fight for that. Sandra: Are you sure? Mary told Sandra she had found the love of her life and promise to fight for...

Jeff Corwin Experience?

There is a documentary show called "Jeff Corwin Experience", why shouldn't "Jeff Corwin's Experience" be used instead, is it wrong to put an apostrophe s there? Thanks.


can you tell me in a childs understanding the meaning of the following: verb adverb noun pronoun adjective and preposition please

Although/Despite/ In Spite?

Can these be used interchangeably? Thanks

Having Trouble Finding Answer. Appreciate...

Could someone please tell me which of the following sentences is correct grammar usage? Also, I would greatly appreciate the rule that applies, as I have searched everywhere to...


Could someone please tell me the rules to using these articles? I'm having a hard time while writing a sentence. I've always wondered whether or not my sentence should include...

Word Hacker Software?

Anyone know where I can find it? Thanks.

He Felt "So Or Such"?

He felt "so or such" weak today that she spoke too much. He will regret that for ever.


What is the meaning of this sentence : she is a looser. Does that mean that she is a failure? Please help. Thanks.

Past Perfect?

what does the past perfect mean?

Would Is Very Very Hard?

Now, I'm very tired about the english grammar. because would.... i'm studying grammar about would But it is really difficult to me. how is difficult... I have read many times...


How many times can we use the conjunction 'nor' after 'neither' in one sentence, e.g. "I speak neither Russian, nor English, nor German, nor Chinese" or it should be "I speak...

Tenses Of Leaving?

Wrong sentence=At the station I realized I left the tickets at home. my corrected version=At the station, I realized I had left the tickets at home. now what is the correct...

I Don't Think This Is Correct Use Of ...

Oh! I wish Dixieland was still like Heaven, when her schools were allowed to pray!
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