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Why Be Anonymous?

Correct Please.

Is this correct sentence? "Request: taking days off on August 23 & 24."

Come In And Come On In?

What's the difference between the "come in" and the "come on in"? The come on it means come in quickly?

Do And Does?

How do I explain to students when to use DO and when to use DOES?

Which One Will Be The Correct Way Of Reading...

Hello, Which of these will be correct way of reading? He vanished as completely "as if he had never existed" or He vanished as completely as "if he had never existed...


how wants to help me with english language?


Seven days is or are such a long period!


How should I ask a question to get the following reply? Mr.X is the fourth President of XYZ Ltd. The keyword in the answer is fourth

2 Verbs?

Hi again, I am not sure how to use the phrase correctly. For ex: I saw the cat jump on the table. I saw the cat jumped on the table. They are both past tense because I ...

Finer Points Of Grammatical Classification...

I was recently presented with two sentences: "She already has her first client lined up." and "She has already lined up her first client." The person who showed me these...


Are both of the second sentences acceptable: You are seeing somebody. No, that's not true. I am not seeing somebody. You are seeing somebody. No, that's not true. I am...

Please Help.

is this correct:-->This might be the one possibility for those who recieved an error.

I Burnt Myself!?

It's clear for me what a native English speaker understand when I say: "I've burnt myself!". But it isn't clear what does it feel or understand if I say: I burnt myself!, maybe...

How Come Its Possible!?

is there something wrong in what i am writing,if so,then kindly let me know about it,ok.Also tell me about this sentence 'How come its possible?' is it right or wrong. Also tell...

Euro Or Euros?

Is it ..... a one billion Euro shopping spree... or ......a one billion Euros shopping spree... ? Thanks

What Is USP?

what is USP

Grammatical Differences Btw American And...

I'd like to ask how some of you teachers out there are dealing with the grammatical differences between American and British English, particularly with respect to Must and Have...

What Is The Meaning Of?

what is the meaning of 'please be informed'?

I Didn't Get What 'Hot-Button' And 'Wedge...

The context -- In one of a series of interviews with reporters since teaming up on Tuesday, Kerry and Edwards predicted they would win the political fight over which party best...

Grammar, Quotations, Jokes?

dear sir, i like to know above , as i am a retired headmaster in india. my mail id Email Removed

L2 Vocabulary Acquisition?

different methods and sources for l2 vocabulary acquisition? send it to: Email Removed

Blush Or Flush?

What's the difference between these 2 terms? thank u guys

Worldly Genius?

"Napoleon represented to him the worldly genius that, at the same time, failed." From the dictionary: worldly 1: devoted to this world and its pursuits rather than to religion...


what is the adjective of the noun rainbow?

What Is The Best Reply?

Hi! Sometimes, i get confused when somebody ask me "How do you do"? What do you think the best reply is.


Although I've spent some time searching through my own dictionaries and online, I've been unable to find an antonym of the word 'misanthrope' - surely there's a word for a lover...
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