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Why Be Anonymous?

Please Check The Following Sentence And...

Dear Teacher, Please check the following sentence and correct if anything is wrong. Thanks in advance 1.Currently/At present working on/in art creation. 2.Also doing...


Or if we heard it at all, it was, to us, like the far-off challenge in our enemy and prey, the neighbor's polar cat. What type of sentence is this? Figurative, simile, or...


Please define "definite article" and "indefinite article" and give examples of each. Thank you very, very much.

The Yellow?

I know "the white" and "the black" are common phrases. (Pls forgive me if they are actually offensive terms) I wonder if "the yellow" is also used in a similar way. I have...

Is This Correct?

Could you please tell me which of these is correct: - Can you help me DO it? or - Can you help me DOING it? Thanks, Dat

Run On Sentence?

The boy was bitten by the dog and he was brought to the emergency room. Is the above a run-on sentence??

Cameo Role...

which of the two sentence is correct? he has a cameo in that film or he has a cameo role in that film?

Are They The Same?

paid for by friends and paid by friends?

Put Up With?

I don't think I'll be able to put up with so much pressure, I am about to collapse. Would collapse be the correct word to use in this context?

Yes And No?

Late night curiosity is getting the better of me... Are these sentences technically correct? "Yes." "No." Feel free to choose any ending punctuation. If they are correct...


Is there any rule for doubling consonants? Thanks.


Help.I have a child who skates and I often have to talk about how well her skates are tied.It's important that they be tied "tight" enough.I can't stand saying "your boots should...


Is this all a figment of my imagination? Does the word figment mean product in this sentence?

Help Me To Ask This Question?

Please help me to ask a question which will give an answer as something like "Mr.Fox is the third person to climb the Everest". Please understand that I want to ask about the...

What Is The L-Word?

What is the L-word?

Meaning - To Pick On Me?

Are you trying to pick on me. What does it mean? Thanks

Help Grammer (Future)?

I don’t understand how I use future perfect and future perfect countians and why I use it ? what time does I use it? Please give me 5 example to be understand and write the number...


When talking about the Eastern enlargement of the EU is 'eastern' capitalised or not?

I Want To Tell To?

I want to tell to a friend about my eye lenses that i have a very hugee power or low power how will i say.

Need A Little Help Over Here?

Hi! Could anyone tell me in what situation I can use "There you go", "Here goes" and etc. What do they mean? Many thanks!

Until The Company Is ...

Until the company is in a stronger financial position , all wages will be ___ . a. deducted b. standardized c. diminished d. frozen

English Grammar?

Is it correct to say "You are going to play against I?"

Being Stubborn?

Is the word lossed ever used? I know the past participle of lose is lost, but I just can't help thinking that lossed is a word. Have I just been pronoucing the word wrong...


i came to know it means treated badly by people in power according to oxford dictionary, but who is in power? the person who is being treated , or who treats? can i say "the...


Is it correct to write LADIES' SECTION (of the golf club) and LADIES' CAPTAIN? I believe the apostrophe is here, meaning section belonging to the ladies etc. A lot of people...
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