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Why Be Anonymous?

Was Or Were?

Is the correct sentence, "All of America was proud, too." OR "All of America were proud, too."


In the sentance "The walls of the city can still be seen" what is the grammar, ie the tense and structure

My Or Myself?

I am proud of my/myself? I helped me/myself?

Plural Of Abbreviation, What Is The Practice...

e.g., (1) I have 30 min (30 mins) to finish this work. (2) I have 2 CD (CDs). CD=Compact Disk Which one is correct? The one outside or inside the bracket?

The Whites Vs. The Young?

Hi !!! I need help here! Could anybody tell me why we should say "the whites" and "the blacks" (I have read a text about Apartheid ) while for the other "classes" of people...



Progressive Outlook Toward Life Or?

Progressive outlook toward life or Progressive outlook towards life? What rule is used here? How does it work?

Which Is Correct?

i am going to bring my family to san francisco or i am going to bring my family in san francisco

Do You Speak Or Foreign?

Do you speak or foreign languages? OR Do you speak any foreign language?

A Lot Or Lots?

" I love you lots." OR " I love you a lot."

Proper Usage?

Which is correct? You've got to go or you have to go. Do you ever use have and got together in a sentence?

Determining Syllables?

Hello, I'm trying to find a way to break up a word into syllables without knowing anything about the word. I found a way at [link] which is: 1. Isolate the prefix. 2...


What are the main differences that exist between the textbooks made by natives and the ones which are homemade.

Affect Or Effect?

The affect has effected me. Is this correct?


What is the correct preposition for this sentence? It has come to my attention that the hours are incorrect (on or in) this pay period.


Hi, I want to avoid repetition, so instead to say " I won't be working on monday, and my colleague Martine won't be working on monday" can I say " I won't be working...

Next To Last One?

next to last one or next-to-last-one or ??! Fresh from three National victories at Elkhart Lake, Lime Rock and Meadowdale came Roger Penske with his newer chassis 61.2471...

Apostrophes Showing Possession?

Help..I have a presentation due in two weeks on the above topic for 10th grade class. I would like to present material in a fun way (game form?). Would love any feedback. Thanks...


My son has to write some sentences with these words as APPOSITIVES. What are appositives? Some of his words are ABoy Scout, the referee, Mr. Mcdonald etc.


Can you say "miracles don't happen?". Would that be the right verb to use? I know that dreams don't come true.

Certainty Grammar Question?

Can I say, 'Probably Johnny will come to school' or is 'It's probable that Johnny will come to school' better?

Being Or Been?

Please help, I get these two words mixed up. Being and been

Ref:(Couple Of Questions On Grammar)?

Hi, Let me introduce my self, I am uday kumar from India , working in Europe. I can speek good english , but I am not sure the english I am specking in daily life has good grammer...

Sentence Meaning, Please.

If somebody says; "I'll go there in fifteen minutes." Which does it mean? "I'll be there in fifteen minutes." "I'll leave here in fifteen minutes." ...

I Need Some Help With A Few Sentences...

The fact that there are obvious similarities between Shakespeare and Viola’s relationship and that between Romeo and Juliet, links the movie. More will come.
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