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Why Be Anonymous?

The Diierence?

hello!! can any one explain the following with more than examples and situations- Cynical Ironic Satirical and Sarcastic thanks

Apostrophy Usage For Organisations?

My understanding it that an apostrophy is used to show posession rather than make plural. Does this also apply to organisations or is only to people? Example below: The Banks...


Could you and I have an odyssey? Is this sentence understandable?


please guid me how to i improve english speaking

Sales Interview Questions Tips?

1. Can you describe your self as a marketing executive.? 2. How can you approach a client/customer.? 3. What is your strong points.?

Sales Job Interview Questions?

please help in answering the following questions: 1. Can you describe yourself in sales and marketing? 2. How you approach a client/customer?

Closing On Letters And Addressing Envelopes...

1) When should you use Yours sincerely? 2) When should you use Yours faithfully? 3) How should you address an envelope to a couple ie Mr & Mrs JE Smith or JE & DM Smith?


-What colour is your car? -What's the colour of your car? Could you use the article in the second sentence?

Is This Sentence Correct?

The money has been transferred to your account NO#631103123.

Have &Amp; Eat?

What is difference between to have and to eat? Thanks in advance

Vision Statement?

Hi, I am developing a vision statement for the operator of a joint venture and am not sure that I have used the correct English grammar. The vision statement is: "Entrusted...


Do you believe in electric/electrical toothbrushes? It's so difficult for me to tell the difference between these two. Could you give us some more examples?

Is It Ok To Say?

Is it ok to say 'When did Paul and you meet each other?'

Which Sentence Is Correct? Please?

Which sentence is correct? Please join Tyler and me for a day in the country. OR Please join Tyler and I for a day in the country. I assume that it would be the first because...

Make Up?

-Did I make it all up? -Did I invent it all? Do they mean the same. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

Don't You Hurt? Because I?

Don't you hurt? because I DO. Would the answer be appropriate?

Which Preposition To Use With 'Customize...

Could anyone kindly help me out with this one: "Any of our administrative solutions can be easyly customized FOR your needs" or "Any of our administrative solutions can be...

Post Employment Test?

Q. If my employer ask, what i have learned during your service with. Q.2 : Why should we keep you in sales. Q. 3 : Can you sell yourself. Q. 4 : Why should we keep you...

Correct Me If I Am Wrong In The Usage...

"Rest assured that we will do whatever possible to make your assignment as success as it could be here in this market"

Grammar Help?

i want to know what tense to use. very confusing. for example: have has had begin beginning began The weather this week HAS been somewhat better. what does this mean...


If I refer to the letter "a" as itself rather that using it grammatically in a sentence, do I enclose it in quotationmarks, or do I italisize it?

Lol, Cool, Dang?

HI What do these expressions mean/ "lol", "cool", "Dang" I kinda half understand them are they used used both in possitive and negetive sense? thanks

Element Of Chance?

I think "THE element of chance" just means chance itself (as a factor involved in a process which has many elements), but what does "AN element of chance" mean? Is it an element...

Camp/To Camp?

-Shall we go camping together? or Shall we go to camp together? I am sure about the first one. But what about the second one?

Singular Or Plural Verb After 'No'?

Hi! I'd like to ask whether singular or plural verb should be used after 'No'. Eg 1: No changes were made; or Eg 2: No changes was made. Should the verb agree with the noun...
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