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Why Be Anonymous?


hi, I'm never sure about the following: customer-related issues language-based differences thought-enhanced processes industry-specific services ... is hyphenation correct...

Which Out Of Two Sentences Is Correct...

Anyways, what else is new? Anyway, what else is new? Please let me know if "anyway" is correct or "anyways". Thanks

So That?

Which is correct: 1-They did everything for me to have a hard time. 2-They did everything so that I would have a hard time.


What types of phrases are these: Prepositional, Participial, Gerung, Infinitive or Appositive? Preserving rare and valuable books and documents is one of the challenges FACING...

His Were?

President George W Bush said Reagan was an "enduring symbol" of the US. Mr Bush's four surviving predecessors attended the funeral, as did leading figures from abroad. In...


I'm a young Turkish boy and the Education system here is worse than you guess.My numerical(I don't know how do you call it there)lessons are bad and i'm going to be an English...


Can you say 'wine' doesn't agree with me?

Singular Plural?

Some nouns are always used as plural like shoes, scissors etc. If I have to say that i lost my one shoes. how would I say. 1. I lost my one shoes. 2. I lost my one shoe...


What is the word life

Typing Punctuation In English?

Hello! I'm a French student and I have to write an essay in English. It is about translation (from English to French) and I have difficulties finding websites about the way you...

Help Us Suzi?

dear suzi, here is anther part of the book: plz tell me what you think of it Don't bother about spellings or litle things as such. we can do that ourselselves. we only need...

I Need Some Help Here!?

I'm very confused about tenses.I don't know which one to use!For example what are the differences bewtween these two; 1-It is raining since 3 o'clock 2-It has been raining...

Could You Help Me Again,Please?

i need help with "Would" could you please explain me where to use it?

Bleed,Bled; Plead, Pled?

What is the rule on the past tense of the verb "to plead"? Am I slipping into senility, or didn't usage not so long ago have its past tense as "pled". Instead, all one hears...

Meaning Of Travel Agent?

when you say travel agent, does it refer to the person working in a travel agency or does it refer to the office(the place) itself?

The Diierence?

hello!! can any one explain the following with more than examples and situations- Cynical Ironic Satirical and Sarcastic thanks

Apostrophy Usage For Organisations?

My understanding it that an apostrophy is used to show posession rather than make plural. Does this also apply to organisations or is only to people? Example below: The Banks...


Could you and I have an odyssey? Is this sentence understandable?


please guid me how to i improve english speaking

Sales Interview Questions Tips?

1. Can you describe your self as a marketing executive.? 2. How can you approach a client/customer.? 3. What is your strong points.?

Sales Job Interview Questions?

please help in answering the following questions: 1. Can you describe yourself in sales and marketing? 2. How you approach a client/customer?

Closing On Letters And Addressing Envelopes...

1) When should you use Yours sincerely? 2) When should you use Yours faithfully? 3) How should you address an envelope to a couple ie Mr & Mrs JE Smith or JE & DM Smith?


-What colour is your car? -What's the colour of your car? Could you use the article in the second sentence?

Is This Sentence Correct?

The money has been transferred to your account NO#631103123.

Have &Amp; Eat?

What is difference between to have and to eat? Thanks in advance
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