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Why Be Anonymous?

More Better Vs. Betterer Vs. Nicer Vs...

I remember being taught one uses 'more' instead of adding the 'r' at the end of certain descriptive words, yet I cannot remember the rule. Can anyone help? ex: I think she...


the team has or the team have?

What Do These Mean In A Sentence '[ ]...

I often see direct quotes with words in brackets. Does that mean that the speaker didn't actually say the word in brackets, but it was added for clarification by the writer?...


They were playing carefully because they could lose the match. Meanng: They were playing carefully because there was a chance of their losing the match.

Forms Of 'Status'?

For the plural form of Status, is Statuses correct? I have never heard Stati. For example: Observe and record the statuses of the following people: where each person would...

Need Help On Subject Complement?

Hi... I don't really get subject complement.... could someone explain to me please? Also.. if someone can tell me which word is that subject complement in these examples: ...

Which Is The Right Sentences?

Hi.. which is the right sentences 1. You don't have enough courage 2. You don't have bravery Well i got confused...i'm not an english native..


It is one of those days. What is the meaning of it. Thanks in advance

Understand, Howl --- Why Are They Verbs...

Hi can someone please explain to me why are these verbs??? Tks! Many thanks in advance!! [grammar is so confusing!]

I Am His/Her/Your Aunt...

I was reading a past post that involved the sentence: "I am his/her/your aunt." My question is, why do we have to specify "your" aunt if, in context, it's obvious you (the aunt...


Hi! Wondering if I could just have some help! Dan could not choose (between/among) the two video games. Melissa played happily (between/among) the eight puppies. This phone...

The Use Of 'Custom' Contractions?

I am writing a sentence and although what I am writing sounds right when spoken, it doesn't look right. Here's the sentence, in context: We’re escaping just in time,” S.K. said...

Is It Correct To Use?

Is it correct to use "for" in this sentence: "it takes for me a long time to do this"?

Hide And Seek?

I remember when I was I child I used to love playing this game. Actually, I wouldn't be so certain I still like it today. However, I can't remember the exact words you say: "...

To Apostrophe Or Not?

In a phrase such as "planning programs for masters students," is masters a possessive? If so, does it have an apostrophe-s or an s-apostrophe? What if it read "masters degree...

Drive A Car?

Hello, is it possible to say "The car was driving away" or can I use the word "drive" only with persons, e.g. "The man was driving away with his car"?


How do you say? The plane is on the air or the plain is in the air

Shield Of Achileus?

Not sure if this is in the right forum, but I need help. I'm suppose to draw a shield, just like the one Hephaistos made for Achileus in the Iliad, "The Arming of Achileus....


Dear all I wonder if you could help. I have a simple question on preposition. Should it be "on the Mainland" or "in the mainland"? Cheers T

What's The Difference Between...

be here AT 8:00am and be here by 8:00am?

Would "I Need To Rest?

Would "I need to rest with you" be correct?

Stylistic Analysis?

I would like to be enlightened on the style of the english language used in a work [especially using any notable magazine as a case study.] and the language of journalism.


Is this a positive word? Could you give us an example of how to use it?


-Will you ever let go of her -Are you going to let go of her? Any difference in meaning as far as intentions are concerned?

Idiomatic Phrases?

Could you please tell me the meaning of these following sentences for me? 1. He was sweeping about in his bad temper. 2. He was in his element. Thank you.
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