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Why Be Anonymous?

Hear Out?

Could anybody help me with this expression? "She would never hear me out." What does this sentence mean? Can I take it as follows? She would never listen to me...


I'll have all my stuff that is left behind, picked up. Is this right? Thanks in advance.

Grammar Problem?

2. When expelled from the nucleus of an atom, a neutron is unstable and decay to form a proton and an electron 3. Flash photography is widely used for taking pictures when...


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Is this right?

What's The Difference?

Hello everyone! first time I'm writing and I hope you can help me. I'm teaching business English in Italy. What's the difference between produce, manufacture and make? Manufacture...

Idiom Search?

Is there an idiom or a saying in English that expresses a concept that all new ideas are well-forgotten old ones? Thanks! [:^)]


rewrite the sentence "I have no reason to envy others" using the noun form of envy.

Fed Up With?

To say I am fed up with you, could you say: I am so full of you?

Grammar Question?

2. When expelled from the nucleus of an atom, a neutron is unstable and decay to form a proton and an electron 3. Flash photography is widely used for taking pictures when...

If + Was/Were ; Care Of/About?

1.) Which of those 2 sentences is correct:? * I wish it were possible to travel through time. * I wish it was possible to travel through time. I was thought If-sentences...

Hyphens And Items In A Series?

*I've got several of these hyphen in a series kinds of things, and I've not been able to find the definitive word on this stuff. 40 or not? "for their tottery 40- and 50...

I Have Following Question?

1. some critics maintain __________ the mystery novel is a symbolic ritual of guilt and retribution. which word come in blank space 1. is that 2. that there is 3. it is 4...


What is the correct: I am working on computer/on the computer; in computer/in the computer or at the computer? Thanks! Robson


What does this exactly mean: I paid a fortune for it. thanks in advance.

May I Use 'Since' Like This ?

why you go that way since this is the nearest way ?

Make Sure You Write To?

Make sure you write to Sunny and I. OR Make sure you write to Sunny and me. Thanks in advance.

Sneak A Peek?

I want my friend to look at an online store. Would it be right to say " sneak a peek at it."

Spacing When Using The Slash...

Simple formatting question... when you use a slash, what is the appropriate spacing? Should there be spacing before and after, or no spacing at all? Example: walk/run ...

When To Use What?

Hi! I had posted this message yesterday already once, but it somehow got deleted. What I wanted to ask is when to use the word tissue, and when to use handkerchief what...

To Lost, To Be Lost?

This movement came about as a result of many soliders (lose) their eyesight during W.W.I I think to be lost is right, but I'm not sure which one is correct?


Hello, I need help in doing my assingment... Could someone correct this sentence please? George looks well in a tuxedo.

Grammatical Corrections?

Dear Teachers, Could you pick up ungrammatical or unclearly sentences to correct? Thank You Very Much!!! 1. If we keep learning and introspecting minds, we will keep away...


What is the meaning of this: Please consider my academic integrity

What Are These Called?

Please tell me what all these are called. I am trying to train some voice recognition software and need to know the following called. : ; " Thanks


Hi folks, I'm just wondering how to respond when someone says howdy. Thanks in advanced.
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