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Why Be Anonymous?


Hi, I was wondering if this is correct....."I backed(out) to check if I had turned off the toaster" I mean go backwards into the kitchen or the place that I was leaving to check...


would u plz tell me when could i start the lessons online and how ?

Conditional Sentences?

i want to know about the uses of condional sentences. i want to know how they r being used the gramatical structure of condional sentences.

I Say...

in this sentence i'd say/for example let's say that im talking with somone and i want to express my opinion and i tell the guy"i say that he goes and picks up the pizza"that goes...

Emigrate Or Immigrate?

Can this sentence be saved by replacing immigrated with something else, or should it be rewritten? "I was born and educated in France from where I immigrated to this country...


can u correct this please 1.i insisted that u took the money(i mean in past)if i say i insisted that she take the money is in present right? 2.it looks like if he was a small...

Some Questions In English?

I am preparing for an English exam. But I am not quite sure about the answers to the following questions. Could anyone help me check the answers to these questions to see if they...


Use of perfect tense. I a face havy problem about it. Please give a solution. Khorshed

Class Or Period?

I am a teacher.i want to know whether to say i have 4 classes a day or 4 periods a day. thanks

As If /Look Like?

is it correct to say ..she look like she drunk a bunch of beer(in the past) ...she acts as if she haD drunk a bunch of beers(i mean she acts now as if in the past she had drunk...

First Conditional?

1.If you really want to hurt me you are on the right track. 2.If you really wanted to hurt me you are on the right track. Which of the two sentences is correct?

Definite Article?

can you help me please.is it wrong to use 'the' in this sentence; The Fenerbahce football team is a successful team

The Usage Of - If?

Is it correct usage to say I have brought along some books and you may read them if you would like. Thanks for any help.


can one say - I have brought along some books and you may read them if you would like. Thank you

Grammar Structures?

Hi, Ineed help to identify the structure of the following setences,I tried sending through the anonymous post,but have recieved no reply. example: He was watching TV when his...

Conditional Verbs?

Please explain when to use the verbs will and do in the negative form.

Is This Right?

I had to drive a friend back home. thanks in advance. I had a conversation with Jim this morning. OR I have had a conversation with Jim this morning. what's the diff....


I need to know more about tenses.because i always get mixed up between them.(perfect & progressive). Thanks.

Medical Stuff

Just posted a number of articles organised by Dr. Michael A. Riccioli in the Articles section.. Nice work Michael!

How Do I Start To Learn English?

Can any one tell me how to begin to learn English? Is there any method or way you can follow step by step? I need a guide line, help..

Kingdom Come?

Does anyone know what that phrase means?

Can U Correct Me Please?

is this correct eat them in an enough size 2.i dont know how much more to eat 3.the muscles on the leg or in the leg 4.i have been stolen the wallet 5.it was nice having...

Which Word Come In Blank Space?

Because of complexity of modern society, it is not ____ that many of the games ordinary people play are solitary games. which one word come in blank space 1. surprises...

Grammar Structures?

I need help in identifying the grammatical structures in the following sentences and i need it very quickly. Help!!! I needn,t have bought that milk. He played truant. I recommend...

Restrictive Clauses:?

I need help with the following sentence: Between October 01, 2003 and October 31, 2003 we devalued 55 units which had a principal balance of $555,555. In the above sentence...
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