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Why Be Anonymous?

Wish Or Hope?

I want to send out New Year's greeting cards. Please help me to wirte a right sentence. I made two sentences. Are they OK? I wish you and your family would have a wonderful...


I know the meaning of this word. however, i do not know how would i make up a senetcne with this word. could you pls give me an example? ANy help would be appreciated.thanks ...

I Always Get Confused By?

I always get confused by the expressions that have the word hand, such as "at hand, off hand, in hand, out of hand etc". Could someone explain the difference and give an example...

Problem With One Sentence?

Hi I would really appreciate if somebody could help me with this sentence. If you can please point out the problems. This sentence sounds funny to me, and I would like some...


can you please give me a list of prepositons, thanks!


WOuld it be right to use desperate in the following sentence: I am so desperate to see you.

What Does This Mean: She's?

What does this mean: She's so organic.

Crediting A Book Source?

How do you credit a quote from a book?


What does 'sexed up' mean?

Sentence Correction?

Dear Teachers, Could you do grammatical corrections to the following sentences? Thank You Very Much!!! 1.Through competition and comparison, can people obtain real happiness...


He ordered the first and third car built or He ordered the first and third cars built ? Any thoughts? Thanks

The Door Is 'On The Wall' Or 'In The Wall...

Since a door is enclosed by a wall a person could say it is in the wall. But, the door can open and is attached to the wall. When it is open it isn't exactly in the wall, but...

Could Care Less Or Couldn't Care Less...

Hi, What is correct? "I could care less" or "I couldn't care less?"

Joy To The World Lyrics?

Can someone tell me why the lyrics says "The Lord is come" ? Is this passive voice? This shouldn't be passive voice 'cause The Lord comes on his own. But if it is not passive...

More Than One...

I have a question. Which is the right English. More than one person. OR More than one persons. Thanks

Which Of These Is Correct?

Do u hold any office hours today? Are you holding any office hours today? We have huge amount of stocks available. We have huge amounts of stocks available. thanks.

Improving Vocabulary?

Hi does anyone have a good technique for learning new vocabulary fast? I seem to forget many of the words I looked up in the dictionary.

Please Help For Making Correction?

Would you please making correction for me. Many thanks for your help! " after 3 days vacation , today is the first day back to work"


When should i use farther and when should i use further

Thank You?

when I Say Thanks many people respond in different ways. whats the deal? some say welcome, not a problem, anytime,sure. can somebody tell me about it

More Than One Dog(S)?

Which of the following is correct? "There are more than one dog in the garden." and "There are more than one dogs in the garden." I have seen both before but don't know...

A Vs. AN?

We are a bunch of non-native speakers and are arguing about the correct form: Is it: The company issued a RFI? or The company issued an RFI? I personally think it is...

Sole Vs. Soled?

Which is correct, "No black sole shoes allowed!" or "No black soled shoes allowed!"

Could Someone Explain What I.E.

Could someone explain what i.e. mean?

Further / Farther?

Which is the difference in use and meaning of the two comparatives of far? What about the two superlatives, is there the same distinction? Thanks, Massimo
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