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Why Be Anonymous?

Use Of The Word 'Need'?

Some dictionaries say that the word 'need' can be used as a model verb while others say that it is a semi model verb. I am confused! Is there any past form when it is used as...

Which Is Correct?

Hi everybody!.. Which is correct: 'Too much mistakes' or 'so many mistakes'? Thanks!

-Ing /Will?

when could we use that -ing?why can't use -ing with future tense such as 'i will swimming or i will going to pool tomorrow.


Can you tell me when you use absolutely as an answer with a positive meaning? a few examples would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello,Thank You For Reply. Can?

hello,thank you for reply. Can I use the word "melt" for sugar.For example,in the following sentance: "Wait till the sugar melts in coffe."If anyother word is there, kindly...


Is there anything you want me to say about Auto English, or any particular area I can flag up? Meaning of flap up?


What does to name a name mean?


hello, If somebody enquire me by saying "no space is there in your house for parking!" if i don't have space then,what should be my response: No ,I do n't have or yes, I do...

Difference Betwen Words?

What is the difference between the words 'someone' and 'somebody'? When and where in a sentence is each used?

Instead Of 'On The Basis Of' Should One...

Hullo everyone, It's great that such a website exists! Could anyone help me answer that question? Instead of "on the basis of", should one use "basing on" or "based on"...

Greetings Message?

If i'm going to send a flower basket to a shop that will have it's re-opening ceremony, what is your suggested greetings message for this event.


Could you please explain to me the difference between when and while.thanks.

As A Prisoner/Prisoner?

i have read rthe following message in the News paper: "they took her prisoner. Is it the right usage? I fell it should be like "they took her as a prisoner." tell me the...

This Is A Simple Question?

This is a simple question but I can't remember the answer...is it: I don't like this nor that or I like this nor that or are they both wrong?

Meet Or Meet With?

Are these two correct? Could you provide us with some examples?

Speaking To/With?

I have always been of the opinion that when I make a telephone call I should ask to speak 'to' my intended correspondent, and that to ask to speak 'with' is an Americanisation...

What Did Surprise You?

What did surprise(d) you most about ..... What surprised you most about ..... Q1 Is the first sentence correct? Q2 Why is DID not needed in the second sentence? Thank you...

Meaning Of The Sentences?

I’m on probation, I’ve got to stay sober---------meaning of this sentence. what is the meaning of probation and sober? when I was having a water or when I was drinking a water...

May And Might?

What's the difference between "may" and "might"? He may be right. He might be right.

Brochure Title?

Is the following expression well written Our results are proof

Is The Use Of Pronouns Correct Here? Thanks...

A.We wanted to travel on the flight which was fully booked. B. It rained when Ann was waiting for me. Are the sentences above right in the position and use of pronouns?...


-She feels so lonely when you are not here. -She feels so alone when you are not here. Are these two sentences correct? Could you say why?


theres 2 flaps on the front seat of a car that blocks sun rays what is it known as. what is the leather pouch called that men hang on their waste while travelling

This Web?

i can´t enter my password

Bon Voyage?

A friend of mine is traveling to Europe soon. I wanna wish him a happy trip. what do i say to him? Would "Bon Voyage" sound good? is there any other way of saying this?
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