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Why Be Anonymous?

Prepositions Problem?

Whta is the right preposition in this sentence? "Music from the 19th Century" or "Music of the 19th Century" Thanks a lot Tania

Right Way..

Is it Treasury assesses? or Treasury assess?



English Grammar?

When do we pronounce the definite article 'THE' as 'The' and when it is 'Thee'

'What Needs A Seed To Grow?'?

"What needs a seed to grow?" Can you explain why the question above is correct?

Mainstream Music :-S?

Hy All! I'm not a native english speaker. I would like to know a correct explanation for Mainstream Music. I need it for a presentation. Above all i must know, how i should...

Frightened Of Or Frightened By?

Hello, Can anyone tell me when we use for e.g. frightened of Ghosts or frightened by ghosts. What is the diiference and can you explain which is the most commonly used and why...

If One Can Say-" I?

if one can say-" I find it hard to study." (I find it is hard to study) why can't one say "She says it fun to go to the movies" (She says it is fun to go to the movies)?

Check These Two Sentences!?

Could anyone please check out these two sentences if they are OK? "It is to be avoided at all costs that the strengthened co-operation cause a fragmentation in the union. We...

Irregular Verbs?

What are irregular verbs?

Question Of A Subject?

In a sentence : On the 18th of November,2685,you,the greatest astronaut has just left the Mars space station on an epic journey to find another solar system. Is "has" correct...

Sorry, Here's Another Question About A...

A.The wise emperor commanded Yi to shoot but one of the suns out of the sky. B.The wise emperor commanded Yi to shoot nine of the suns out of the sky. Are both sentences correctly...

Have And Have Got?

whats the difference between the two: i have a crush on you and i have got a crush on you? ive got a pen and i have a pen? how would you know when to use have and when to use...

First, Second And Third Person?

Please could you explain to me what 'speaking in the first, second and third person' means and please use examples. Thanks Becky :-s


Why-possessive nouns as modifiers: readers circle vs. readers' circle

Gentleman Or Gentlemen?

To help solve an arguement I wondered if anyone could help us determine which of the following phrases is correct: The Gentleman's Club or The Gentlemen's Club Thanks...

How Should We Address An Associate Professor...

How should we address an Associate Professor in a letter? Do we write: Dear Associate Professor? Dear Professor? Dear Dr? or Dear Madam (if it's a she)? Ryan


which is correct? i'm in the office or im at the office? tnx

Comparatives And Equatives?

When making a simile (as...[adjective or adverb]...as), is there a certain rule for some things? ADJECTIVE modifies NOUNS: He is as clean...

Is The Preposition Used Here Correct?

We celebrate the full moon fruit, moon cakes and lanterns. Do we use by or with in the above sentence? Thanks very much, everyone.

Hard Times?

Can you say she is going through hard times, meaning difficult times?

Past Tense - What Is Wrong?

I was burning my hands when I turned on the bathroom tap.

Sentence Analysis?

Jamie and Jennifer gave their friends a birthday gift yesterday. identify: sentence type by form and intent the number and types of clauses the function fo the clauses the...

To + Verb?

"I turned around to see the sun rising." This is a simple sentence, but the meaning of it is not clear to me. Does this sentence have 2 meanings? 1. I turned around and...

Laying Or Lying?

Hi, My co-worker and I are unsure when to use laying and lying? Please could you help us?Thank you. Jill
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