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Why Be Anonymous?

A Vs. AN?

We are a bunch of non-native speakers and are arguing about the correct form: Is it: The company issued a RFI? or The company issued an RFI? I personally think it is...

Sole Vs. Soled?

Which is correct, "No black sole shoes allowed!" or "No black soled shoes allowed!"

Could Someone Explain What I.E.

Could someone explain what i.e. mean?

Further / Farther?

Which is the difference in use and meaning of the two comparatives of far? What about the two superlatives, is there the same distinction? Thanks, Massimo

I'll Or I'm Going?

i have to leave in a while but i'll be back tonight or i am going to be back tonight. Anything i can do for you? Can you correct the previous sentence for me, please?

Meaning Of A Word?

Please I´d like to know the meaning of P.I.M.B I heard it in a song Thanks

A Geek?

Please anyone tells me what geek means? Thanks.

'An Instance Of Bad Luck'?

This was what I got when I was checking up "misfortune" in one dictionary. Now I understand what "misfortune" means. But the problem is I don't know what "instance" means here...

Reduced Clause?

Anyone can explain the term - "reduced clause", thanks.

Traveller Or Tourist?

this has always confused me!! people say their interest as "travelling" is it right or "touring" is correct? tourist-tours and travellers-travels ? if i want to tell any one...

How You Pluralize A Title In Quotation...

How does one pluralize a title within quotation marks? Please assume that the title is not one that should or could be italicized. I'm guessing it's "A Love Lost"'s or...

Brain And Mind?

is there any difference between the two?

Please Help Me Correct This?

I plan on pursuing another Masters. OR i'm planning to pursue another Masters.

Learning Correct English?

Hi all, Please suggest me good books/sites on correct usage of English. I'm preparing for an MBA test which has questions related to correct Standard English Usage,correct usage...

'There Is' Or 'There Are'?

Although I know that the following is correct: "There are three dogs" I also see people writing/saying: "There is three dogs" Is it also correct? Thanks.


hi, I wanted to ask, if it allowed to use behaviour in the plural, and if, when is it allowed? For instance, is it allowed to say "The parents should be tolerant of the emotions...

Please Correct My Sentence?

SInce you weren't home, I slided the letter in your door. Does this sound right?

The Sofa Measures 3 Feet By 7Feet?

Which figure is the height? And the width???? [:^)] (c)

I Would Like To Get Along With All You...

hello my name is Qirat and I'm from Pakistan. this is my first step in here, ofcourse my first purpose would be brush up on my language skills and I hope after having nice and...

Grammar Problem?

I have the following sentence: "He should have the authority to continuously monitor the works, as well as CONDUCTING regular audits." Someone say I should replace "CONDUCTING...

Meaning Of These Expressions?

A friend of mine asked me what the meaning of those capitalized words in the following sentence. I could only guess the general meaning of that based on the context. Since I...

Could You Help Me Check These Sentences...

Hello, teachers, Could you kindly point out how to express these sentences in beautiful English? Thank so much. "I do believe that my professional experience and my ability...


Should pre and post ticketing be written as pre- and post-ticketing? Is the hyphen after "pre" needed in British English?

'Ever How Many'?

My friend and I have argued over the use of "ever how many" in a sentence. For instance, she would say, "Use ever how many you need". I do not think this is proper usage. Is...

What Do 'Kin & Shootdodge?

what do 'Kin & shootdodge mean?
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