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Why Be Anonymous?


What's the plural of mother-in-law. I know you say my in-laws when you refer to both mother and father. Where would you put the "S"?


When using Dad or Mom in a letter, do you always capitalize them. Example. We are at peace with Dad? or dad? or We spent a lot of time with our Father or father?

I Have Been Asked To?

I have been asked to write a paper on Golf Etiquette. Could someone tell me how do i start? what if i number my sentences?


Please help!! How can I use on/in? Sample: I have a question "on or in" number 25. And: I'm working "on or in" case study number 1. I'm really confused, please help.

What Is The Difference Of Present Perfect...

May i ask a silly question? What is the difference of Present Perfect Tense and Past Perfect tense?

Please Help, Teachers! Thanks Very Much...

Which one is better? Please advise, teachers! Thanks A. Everyone loves the Dragon Boat Festival. Not just because of the tasty rice dumplings, but aslo the exciting Dragon...

What Is An Ellispe?

They look like this:...... I have not studied or written in English in a long time. Please help.

What Is The Meaning Of The Sentence?

For every dollar spent on offshoring by the US in 2002.Meaning of offshoring


What is the correct word to use in the following sentence? I need you badly. I need you bad.

English Grammer?

Would like grammer usage example cause and effect etc. Thank You

Hyphen Usage?

Is it correct to use the hyphen in the following context of a job adverstisement? At least one-year computer experience is required.

Grammar Check (Mel)?

It would greatly appreciated if you could help me to point the one that is a sentence with correct grammar: 1. I look forward to hearing from you OR 2. I look forward to...


Hello, could you please specify that when I use "until" in the context "he is on holiday from Monday until Thursday" it will mean Thursday inclusive or exclusive? Rgds

Is This Sentence Correct?

Each year, thousands of people get lost in the Arizona desert. Of these, some 200 will die. Is it correct to use "of these" or should I use "of those"? Is it grammatically correct...

Tired / Sleepy?

I am a Japanese. Today my American friend said she was tired after lunch. We Japanese sometimes feel sleepy after lunch, but seldom feel tired after lunch. I told her we believe...


Hi, is this a Declarative sentence? I am furious because that man hit my new car. Are the following sentences correct? Simple-Compound-Complex-Compound-complex 1.It seemed...

Speech Query?

Should I say Tim and Me OR Tim and I

Correct The Sentences?

1.I'm making a bed. 2.Let me make a bed first then I will do the dishes up. 3.Can you make the bed while I'm making a breakfast. 4.come downstairs for a while. 5.Did you like...

Please Help---Urgent?

I'm doing fine.I'm looking forward too to get the driver's licence as soon as possible.Last month I have contacted the Driver's service office to know about the pilot program...

Is This Sentence Ambiguous?

Can someone please evaluate this sentence for me? "Rob's feet smell like flowers on a Spring day." I was joking around with my cousin and I wrote this. His reply was the...

Spaces Between Sentences?

Recently proofing english papers for a college freshman. I noticed he was only using ONE space between sentences and informed it should always be TWO. He told me he has been...


COuld someone please tell me the difference between till & until.Any response would be highly appreciated. thanks.

Is This Sentence Correct?

"Betty did not pay attention in the class. she is slower than the other kids." Thanks for your correction!

Im Connybaby I Have Problem?

im connybaby i have problem with my english language especial with some words like absolutely ect.. and how to control my grammer. thanks connybaby

Prepositional,Participal, Gerund, Infinitive...

Hi, I need help in deciding what type of phrases these are ( Prepositional-Participal, Gerund, Infinitive or absolute) 1. In spite of a sprained ankle, John won the race. (Prepositional...
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