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Why Be Anonymous?

Woke Up?

-When he woke me up last night it must have been around two. -When he woke me up last night it was way past one thirty. Are these two sentences correct?


I don't know how it is correct????? He didn’t want to see the bikes in his holiday, too. Is it holiday or holidays? Can you say "in"? Thanks, for your answer! ...

Passive Present?

I would like to know some grammatical about Passive Present. · Present simple: The car is washed. · Present continuous: The car is being washed. · Present perfect: The...


I am going on/in an excursion by the sea? Thanks in advance.


looking for a word that sounds like frooke/fruke. Dont know the spelling though. Could someone please help? Thanks so very much.


What's the meaning of this word? I know it is used in cookery lesson. Could u say something like "cream it together until fluffy"? Thanks. I love cooking.


I have heard in a song: " She loves him dangerously". Could you say that in a real context? Thanks.


What is the type of grammar called when unnessasery repetition is used as in "19H00pm at night"

Help With Style Analysis?

So I'm supposed to write a humongously long 'informative' paper for my English class. For part of it, I have to do an analysis of these books I read (all by the same author) and...

A Question?

hi i wanna know, what is the difference between Some time and Some times.

I Need Help?

I need help? about verbs patterns and samples


Can someone tell me the meanings of this word? For example if I say we have a few issues what do you understand by that?

'Had Used To' Etc.

I keep coming across these constructions: had used to had been used to E.G.: I had used to think that the world was large. I had been used to thinking that she liked...

Auxilliary Verb?

continuous forms are made from the auxillery verb ........ and the ............ participle perfect forms are made from the auxillery verb ...... and the ............... ...

English Grammar?

What is a "relative clause"? Thank you Rita

Believe Me. / Believe You Me.

Could anybody explain the difference of these expressions? A: "Believe you me." B: "Believe me." Which one is correct in the following conversation? "We would...

Such And Such A(N)?

I am currently an EFL teacher in France, and I saw that one of my students was having a problem knowing when to use so, and when to use such. I found a sheet from the Net explaining...


What does unfairly mean in the following sentence? -She was unfairly judged and punished.


What a unusual name. OR what an unusual name. WHich of the above is correct? Thanks a lot.

Word Descriptors?

Hi there, This is my first post, sorry if it is in the wrong area. I am looking for the name of the word, for example an Oxymoron - where it is conjoining contradictory terms...

What Does Blog Mean In 'Political Blogs...

This word is frequently used in the 2004 U.S. presidential campain website. But I don't quite get it. Could anyone explain it in detail? Thank you very much.

I Am Or I An?

Hi Gang, Thanks for the help in advance here. This is what I am wondering about. Between these two statement 1) I am an honest person 2) I am a honest person which one...


Hi. Can anyone explain me what is the difference amongst: a) inner, internal, interior. b) ruin, destroy, spoil c) fit, suit, go well with, match Superficially, I know...

For Or At?

(If we have to use present perfect tense )Which one is correct I have eaten bread for breakfast or at breakfast or if you only had a tea what do you say I have taken only tea...

Why Isn't It 'They Plays Tennis Every...

Why isn't it "They plays tennis every week." You are talking in the third person, right? So, "Joe plays tennis every week" is correct.........so, why isn't "They plays tennis...
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