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Why Be Anonymous?

Difference Of These Words?

The meaning of these following words sound very similar to me. I'm confused how to use them properly. I'll appreciate very much if you give me some explanations for them. I...

Man, Mans, Manned?

I need some help with the word m-a-n-s as used in this sentence. This is a verbatim transcript and the speaker put the s on the word man. Should it be: He's the one that...


I might be a stick-in-the-mud--------meaning of stick-in-the-mud.

Meaning Of The Sentence?

Dubai gears up for National Day.could anyone tells me the meaning of gears up for above sentence.Thanks!

Words Arrangement?

Which is right? - When class is over, it will be probably raining. or: - When class is over, it will probably be raining - Do we put the adverb (probably ) before or after...

Bullet Points, Bullet Lists?

Is there a correct English format for bullet or number lists? I prepare technical documents and manuals with many bullet lists. I use bullets when no sequence is required. I use...

Tom Behaves The More Politely Of The Two...

Hello. Is the following sentence grammatically correct? Tom behaves the more politely of the two.

Change Into Once Sentence?

The hopi indians are a tribe. the tribe is remarkable. the tribe live on a reservation. the reservation is in the mountains. the reservation is in the desert. the reservation...

Is This Correct?


Full Stop (Period)?

Is it correct punctuation to use a full stop following words which have been abreviated for example:- Mr Mrs etc Co Ltd Tel fax No Also should full stops still be used where...

Comma Usage?

My question pertains to general comma usage. My son's homework tonight consisted of combining two sentences using the conjunctions "and" or "but". His first two sentences were...

Correct The Sentences?

1.My stomach is full just now I had/drank orange juice.I will have it later. 2.I ate too much. 3.Baby is sleeping in my lap 4.Tell the tenants to give the pay rent asap.

Englsh Tenses?

Who can help on how to use the correct tenses: Present Continuous Present Perfect Continuous Past Continuous Past Perfect...

English Grammar?

What are Common and Concrete nouns?

Subject/Verb Agreement?

Since the subject and verb have to be in agreement, I'm assuming that the singular verb ("is") should be used in the following sentence: The chest x-ray, along with the other...

Grammar Usage?

Is it correct to use "IN" in the phrase: "In pursuant to the agreement...."

Called What?

What is a guy called who is more like a brother to me but is not at all related to me. WOuld he be called my cousin? When i say 'not related' i mean he doesn't belong to my immediate...

The More Politely Of The Two?

Is the following sentence correct grammatically? Tom behaves the more politely of the two.

When Writing, I Usually Get?

When writing, I usually get confused between when to use "Let's" and "Lets". Do I use let's in place of "let us", and lets everywhere else?

Can I Use A Hyphen This Way?

I have written the following sentence "To the extent that the characteristics of forest may differ among primary, secondary, logged or agro- forests, so does a species ability...

Relationships Between Facts?

Are there specifics rules for the usage of reason connectors or contrast connectors?. Where can I find these rules?

Quasi Predicative?

Hi! I would like to know exactly what a QUASI PREDICATIVE is. I have to analyse the text below, and I think that the word ADVISING is a quasi predicative. If it is, what category...


Are fractions hyphenated when not used as an adjective. Example: Students may spend one half of the school day at the vocational high school.

Can Anyone Correct These Sentences?

Can anyone correct these sentences? The Question is: If you were Uncle George, what other ways would you try to get Tycho interested in studying law and government? Answer...

Correct Me Grammatically Please.

I m a multilingual. OR I m multilingual. Which of the above is correct?
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