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Why Be Anonymous?

About Phrase?

Hello teachers, Could you please tell me the meaning of the following phrases: No failures knock them up or make them up hold their hands To leave the most disreputable...

Correct English?

"I will fix my date depends upon the airfare" is correct English?


If you have the guitar repaired, I think it will produce beautiful sounds again. If it were "make" instead of "produce" as this, would it still sound OK and make the same...

What's The Meaning?

So one of my friends asked me about the meaning of the following sentence:"Apes and monkeys in the wild are not separated for more than a few minutes from their newborn babies...

The Artist Childe Hassam Was?

The artist childe Hassam was a dominant force in American art. Please correct grammatically.


Is 'categorize' the correct word? I'm a level 1, she's a level 3. My question to you is how do you categorize us? Why am I a level 1 and she a level 3. Thanks

Grammar Check?

Is the following correct English: "However as it seems that the results are correct, acceptance may be possible if there is some space."

Is It : "Where Is?

Is it : "Where is the caviar and bubbly?" or "Where are the caviar and bubbly?" Which one is correct? Is it: "The only thing I'll give you is your deaths" or "The only thing...

That's Just It?

" That’s just it , Spike! The day after tomorrow is the thousandth year of the Summer Sun Celebration!" Could you tell me what "that's just it"in here means? Plus, is this a kind...

Which Of The Following Should?

Which of the following should be correct? He denied to having been there or He denied having been there. I think the latter one should be correct. Thanks

Whar Are The Differences Between?

whar are the differences between arrive, arrives arrived and arriving


Almost no Google result after searching either "begin propagating" or "start to propagate." I don't know why. Is the following correct? There were only three bears in the zoo...

What Is The Differenve Between?

what is the differenve between informance and informer?

Through The Year It (Referring?

Through the year it (referring to the Italian Embassy) has undergone important additions to the décor, reflecting the height of both French and Italian decoration. Do I need...

What Is The Difference?

He is more than likely to win. He is more likely to win. Is this correct? You are more likely to pass the exam if you study.

Sponsorship Letter?

Hello, I`m new to this forum. I completed my foundation programme in the uk & progressed to undergraduate degree but still i have some problems with my english. At the moment...

Tag Questions. (MUST)?

Guys, what's the appropriate tag question here? i need your replies. thanks! You must come to school regularly,

'"What It Happened ""?

'"What it happened "'I have heard people on TV saying this ,when they are telling a story ,it hurts my ears, and I am re pretty sure that it is wrong.

Could You Help Me Out With...

( ) was my surprise that I could not say anything at all. I can't figure it out what goes into the blank, so I need your help now. Do you have any ideas? Thanks always.

Would Have?

Hi guys, just wanted to check which one you think is better/correct and why? A. I would have given him what he asked for B. I would have given him what he had asked for Usage...

What Does Perception Mean?

What does perception mean

Check My Sentences Please.

Dear teachers, 1. She is asking help from me. 2. She is asking me help. 3. I will be sleeping after half an hour. 4. I will be sleeping half an hour later. 5. I want to keep...

Check My Sentences Please?

Dear teachers, 1. I am looking to improve my communication by talking to people on Skype. Is anyone interested here? 2. You can see it on the right hand side of the page above...

- There Is Two Verbs? Wanted, Was.......

all I ever wanted was for Julie to leave me alone please help

Find Error?

I suggest that he goes to the doctor as soon as he returns from the party. My answer book says to use 'suggest that he SHOULD go to' I don't know why. As far as I know We suggest...
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