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Why Be Anonymous?

Certificate Vs. Certification Vs. Degree...

Hello what is the difference between 'Certification' and 'Certificate' and 'Degree' and can you give me examples for each one ( like Bachelor, Master, High school degree, Toefl...

Public Opinion?

Hi, I've found these sentences in a couple of dictionaries: Public outrage over the scandal eventually forced him to resign. His views accord with public opinion. Public opinion...

"Had" Or "Have"?

While pursuing my diploma, I had gained some work experience. While pursuing my diploma, I gained some work experience. While pursuing my diploma, I have gained some work experience...

Is 'Obsession' The Correct Term?

Is obsession correct? Would you use a different word? Are the 2 ifs correct? I have this obsession with meat where I can't eat it if I don't know if it is fresh. Thanks

Which One Is Correct?

We have received 2 scented candle as free of cost along with the above order. The following items received along with the above order at free of cost.

Is It Correct?

Can you do me a pleasure ?

Ex. He Never Did That?

Ex. He never did that again, ever. The "ever" can go in there with the rest of the sentence with (emphasis) or without a comma, right? Thanks.

The Meaning Of Can't Help It?

Can you help me understanding what this sentences mean? -Angie could't help smiling when Oscar brought her the breakfast -I can't help going to the movies. Some people have explained...

'A' Vs 'The'?

I extracted the following sentences from "Transformers," movie. Could you tell me which one is right between "a" and "the" in the underlined part? (If both of them are natural...

A Time/The Time/Time?

Is the sentence "Spring is a beautiful season. It's the time when the nature is waking up. " correct? Can we use Present Continuous or Present Simple in " nature is waking up...

Pass Down?

Is one of these natural Since she is poor, nothing will pass down to her. Get passed down to her when her parents pass. Thanks

Hi Everyone, Someone Please Explain?

Hi everyone, someone please explain how to talk in a group discussion in detail. How to start a gd, how to continue and how to end it? I searched about this gd toic in google...

Usage Of Dash?

Ex. Waste of time is a sort of sin -- sloth. Q. Is it possible to use the dash like the above?

The Most?

Hi, Which of the following is (are) correct? #1. The thing I'd be the most curious about is finding someone my age. #2. The most thing I'd be curious about is finding someone...

The Danish Language?

I know usually when we refer to the language of a country using a complete sentence, it should either be -We are learning Danish/ THE Danish Language. 1. Is THE omitable? 2...

Setting Or Kicking?

The fatigue is setting in kicking in. Which is correct? Thanks

The Word Unscathed?

Hi Is the word unscathed used nowadays in written or spoken English? And isn't it slightly difficult to pronounce the underlined part of this word? Unsca thed Thanks, Tom...

If Or When?

Which words are correct and do people say this sort of sentence? If/when you look at/see it that way, it does make sense. Thanks

Quote Price?

Is it natural to say The quote was for $240. Thanks


Hi,  What's the meaning of  crib sheets here please? several crib sheets were turned in as tangible evidence of the cheating.

Rounded Corners Or Edges?

Which is correct? My laptop has rounded edges/corners.

Made Or Got?

Which is correct? You've made /got me paranoid. Thanks

Tomorrow I Am Going To?

tomorrow i am going to the hyderabad is correct or not

Could You Improve The Following:?

Could you improve the following: You feel light if you have a light meal/lunch, you feel heavy if you have a heavy meal/lunch. The skies are/sky is dark blue in/towards...

Only Acted In Movies That?

Are these sentences correct: 1-Who was the actor who acted only in movies that were at least nominated for the academy award for best picture? 2-John Cazale is the actor...
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