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Why Be Anonymous?

Which One Is Correct: Not?

which one is correct: not to have, to not have

How To Write Past Leave?

how to write past leave application

Capable Off: Is Correct Or?

Capable off: is correct or wrong phrasing?

Commas In Before Negative Sentences –...

Hello, I've been trying to google this, but English is obviously not as crazy a language as Czech is. Could you please tell me whether you put a comma before a negative sentence...

Which One Is Correct?

Please arrange for the delivery of the container at our warehouse on [date] at . Please arrange the delivery of the container to the our warehouse on [date] at . Please arrange...


Hi. They walked ten miles. Is the verb walked intransitive in the sentence? Thank you.

This Certificate Is Presented To....

Hi Is this sentence natural? Any suggestions are welcome. (on a certificate) This certificate is presented to Peter Frank of grade 8 for practicing good hygiene. Thanks, ...

The Following Questiion?

I conduct fruitful activities. I conduct activities frutifully. Do they mean the same?

Is It Correct Or Not?

is it correct or not? she had been in the office at higher helm for 3 years

Get Completed Or Got Completed Which One...

I need to tell that job finished two hours back.so could you please tell which one is correct?

Which Article Used In Hotel?

which article used in hotel

Phrase As Regard To?

is 'as regard to' correct or not?

Find Out Odd Word Noun?

joy joyful joyless jofully

A Confusing Usage Of FORGET?

[link] I understand the whole entry from the OALD, but I am doing a literature course at university and a reading is by Alice Munro, 'Boys and Girls'. Part of it: I have forgotten...

What Are The Good Things?

what are the good things and bad things of living a dormitory

Grammar Question No. 11 - Each Other VS...

Dear All, What's the difference between each other and one another ? She's tired of this world full of deceit and of people who do so much evil to each other/one another...

Meaning Of A Sentence..

He was trying to ensure that any ensuing debate in the country does not snowball into one more round of panic-stricken news reports.

Is The Meaning Of The Second Sentence...

If she had been paying more attention she wouldn't have flunked. If she were paying more attention she wouldn't have flunked.


She has a fever. Is it correct?

My Students And I?

Is it wrong to write "my students and I"? Word is underlining "I" green. Should it be "me"? Thanks.


'I am just being dramatic' Is it present continuous tense? and the word being means becoming here?

At The Lesson We Speak About What We Have...

"At the lesson" is this correct?

'used To' How To Use?

'used to' how to use this modal in present....

Proximal Concord?

Hi. The sentence below is somewhat problematic, at least to me. A large number of voters still votes/vote along straight-party lines. The answer was: Number is a collective...

Is It He And The?

Is it he and the Audience or him and the audience?
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