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Why Be Anonymous?

What Is Opposite Of Lazy?

what is opposite of lazy?

Semicolon Use Correct Here?

In 388 AC, Goldmoon discovered a power resting deep within herself; a power that came to be known as mysticism.


Can someone explain why a gerund is used in this sentence "I love being able to speak English" Thank you

10% Off Or 10% On?

Hello everyone, I have been having a little debate on the proper word to be used after 10% when speaking of a discount. Here are example sentences: "Save 10% off Best Available...

Are These Two Sentences Correct?

The following subchapter will be devoted to the students' profile. (or "description" is better?) The following data present the profile of the most advanced group.

Good Collocation?

Is this sentence correct? As for Group 7, the following data have been collected.

My Father, A Salesman, Was?

My father, a salesman, was on the road all week. Her father will start flicking the porch light. Then henwill come out with a flashlight.

He Doesn't Go To School?

He doesn't go to school today because he's ill. OR He didn't go to school today because he's ill. Which is correct

Leave Application?

i was absent from August 24 to September 4 due my bad behavior of my younger brother , i could not attend the college . again i want to leave for 4 days as i am going back to...

Explanation Letter?

i need help help in writing an explanation about late passing of my daily time record or timecard.

Took Photographs Themselves/ Of Each Other...

Hi, 1.Becky and Jack took photographs themselves. 2.Becky and Jack took photographs of each other. I'm trying to figure out the difference between the two sentences. My understanding...

We Have... Just As We Do...

Hi, We have a large number of actors, just as we do actresses. Is the sentence above correct? Thanks.

Had And Have?

is it I wish i had my own Seeley Booth. or I wish i have my own Seeley Booth?

Go To Sleep / Bed Now.

Go to sleep now. Go to bed now. Are both sentences OK? Which is the better one? Thanks.

I Just Got A Two?

I just got a two week free trial membership at(from) my local! both okay?

Past Event?

Is this sentence correct? The trip was great but it would have been better if we had good weather.

General English Grammar Question?

' They won't give permission unless all safety measures have been satisfied ' . Is this sentence correct?

Which One Of The Sentences?

Which one of the sentences below is grammatically true? When the rich wage war it's the poor who die. When the rich wage it's the poor who die.

Is That Mandatory To Start With Small...

Hi, Is this mandatory to start the sentence with small letter after a hyphen? AndroidMaker - a Hassle free Memory Manager AndroidMaker - A Hassle free Memory Manager Thank...

Where Is The Theme And Which Type It Is...

Hi, may someone help me thematize the following sentence: "They are not too round and not too square, is what I say when people ask why my everything is oval, mirror, tables,...

Why People Always Say "You Better"?

It should be you have better, isn't it ? Or there is a distinctional meaning of you better ? Thanks


Please rephrase the sentence correctly. They enjoy the same status as enjoyed by men of whom one feels honoured to be in their company.

Could You Please Check This?

After connecting my microsoft account to my twitter account and facebook account, I can sync content on twitter to my Windows Phone now. However, why can I sync twitter on Window...

With The Increasing Load Of?

With the increasing load of appeals from High Court decisions the number of judges have had to be increased periodically from eight judges in 1950 when the Constitution came...

No More Or Not Any More?

When a person cites some instances to me, but I don't think they're enough, should I ask 'no more items' or 'not any more items'?
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