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Why Be Anonymous?


Lionel Messi has brought so much excitement to the game of football. Can I also omit the phrase 'the game of'?

Since When..?

Since when + present simple tense or past perfect tense or past simple tense? Which tense do we use? ...


You got 20 percent of the answers right—that means one in every five. What part of speech is "percent"? an adverb or a noun?


Hi, I would like to ask whether the following sentence is correct, and if so, what it should look like. He had asked me if he had been able to take the chair.

Please Review And Give Me Score For My...

Subject: Scientist and Tourist travel to remote natural environments, such as South Pole. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? -------- Discovering isolated...

Birth Date In Words?

How to write my date of birth in words my date of birth is 20 /10/2009

Foot And Feet?

plz use feet and foot in a sentence and tell whats the different !

"Any More" VS. "No More"?

Would it ever be correct to say the following... "She doesn't work no more." Or should it be "any more"? Under what circumstances would it be correct to say "no more" vs. ...

From Or By?

I'm traumatized from/by the car accident. I'm traumatized from/by the oven. ...

What's The Meaning Of Each One?

Scared of Scared for Scared about and which one do we use if we want to say that we're scared that someone would get hurt for instance? Scared about him? ...

Paying Great Attention To Detail, I Always...

Paying great attention to detail, I always make sure as to sending you only a product that I am completely happy with. Thank you in advance! ...

Correct Word?

Do you object to -------------------- loud? a) I sing b) I singing c) my singing d) me sing I thought the answer is me singing(it is not found in the options), but it is actually...


I am very much weak in English, I failed two times even I hadn't got the passing marks. Is this ok?

English Grammar?

Which is correct - a visit with this family or a visit to this family?

Commas In Indirect Speech?

When the "that" of indirect speech governs two independent clauses joined by a conjunction, should a comma be used before the conjunction? For example, John said that Mark...


Everyone in the office has a computer. Or eeveryone in the office have a computer. Which is correct, please.

Two Million Dollars Was/Were Stolen?

Should I say that 2 million dollars "was" or "were" stolen? Or maybe both of these versions are correct?

Correct Ans?

If the manager ________ time to meet with you today, he'll leave a message on your voicemail. (A) has (B) will have (C) have (D) had i think ans in have ..please confirm...


Can anyone tell me What's difference between could have and would have? and also would be and could be? with examples. Thanks in Advance

Please Help?

"who to target" or "whom to target"? Please help. Thanks a lot

Apostrophe In Britain's?

Is the title, "Britain's got talent" not wrong ? It would be great if someone can explain the role of the possessive pronounce in this case.

Possessive Descriptive Apostrophe?

Hi all, I got a quick doubt on the use of the apostrophe. I remember reading somewhere that one could use the apostrophe with inanimate objects if it was referred to a description...

Have/Be A Nicer Color?

Hi These t-shirts have a nicer color. These t-shirts are in a nicer color. Which one is the more natural option? Thank you! ...

Descriptive Apostrophe?

Which one is correct? "The temperature of the tank" "Tanks temperature" "Tank's temperature" I remember reading somewhere that one could use the apostrophe with inanimate objects...


Someone said to me "you are perfect" I told her in my way, thanks for the compliment although this seems like a false compliment. Am I correct grammatically? I suppose not. ...
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