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Today I was reading an article and I came across a word. The word is "Claim"; I have written few sentences using the word "Claim". I request you guys to please check the grammar and the sentences formation of the below sentences.

Sentence no 1- Mike has claimed that he won a lottery ticket.

Sentence no 2- I have heared the news, Mike is claiming that the car which had an accident was his car.

I have refered a dictionary and it shows the meaning of Claim is "To say something is true" and "Something that you say is true."

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Hello, Guarav - and welcome to English Forums.

Mike claimed that his lottery ticket won.-- OK

I've heard that Mike is claiming that the car in the accident was his car.-- OK
The sentences are grammatically fine. I find the first one strange though as Mike would claim he had a winning lottery ticket. - He has won the lottery.

In your sentence he only wins a ticket.

The second I would either use the Past Simple tense rather than the present perfect but if you were stressing the importance now of that information keep it in the perfect tense but contract the I have to I've. I have heard is too difficult to say quickly.

I agree with to say something is true as when you claim something you validate it. However the 2nd part I'm unsure on. In the sentences above, you are distencing yourself from the facts. You say that Mike says it is true, not that it is true.

If Mike had a winning lottery ticket he would also claim a prize - (collect a prize).
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I would like to thank you for your help and reply.

Actually I am little confused with the usage of this word. So can you please explain little bit usage of the word Claim.

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The word has several meanings, as Dave has suggested, but your usage in your sentences is fine, Guarav. 'Claim' there means 'to say that something is true, even though there is no definite proof'.