Hey all,
See this sentence below:
"I'd give you a big kiss."
Is this sentence grammatically correct.
I think it should be like "It must have given you a big kiss" or some like this
What do you say?
The first is fine.

The second one that you suggest is very odd! Do you mean "It must have given you a big KICK?"
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Wouldn't the adjective "big" be a bit too general to describe a kiss? What other adjectives could you use if you were to write a novel for example? Poetic licence, I mean.
I just devised the sentence ..
I mean my question was about the "grammatical syntax" not the sense of the sentence.
Let it be
I had give (some sentence)
I just want to ask Is "had give" correct?
I have learnt that with had/have we use 3rd form of verb...then how come had + give ?