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I find these two words almost synonymous, but they both appear in an article clearly making reference to two different people. I imagine that a Managing Director has more power and is above a General Manager, who, in turn, reports to the Managing Director. These words are sometimes used interchangeably, but I assume a Managing Director would be equivalent to a CEO. Can anyone comment on this?

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But I see "managing director" on official company proxy statements to shareholders and in official filings with the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). If you google "managing director proxy statement" you will get many hundreds of thousands of hits. 


Mr. X is co-founder and managing director of the ABC Corporation. 
Of course it is recognizable is the US, and all across North America as well. Perhaps you have never encountered it?
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"MD" is for "Medical Doctor" and has nothing to do with this discussion thread.
The primary role of a company Managing Director is to enact (i.e. carry out) the decisions of the Board of Directors.

Hi Mara,

a GM is not a BOD Member. A MD is a BOD Member.


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i will running a buisness with a partner. only two man are owner of this farm. only i know the buisness & my partner have no idea of this buisness. so i want to make position for us. anybody have any idea?

yes you are right

You're very CORRECT.

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