Greetings all.
I am very shy when it comes to others viewing my work. I apologize upfront for asking, but I really need guidance and critisim about my writing concerns, as they're quite crucial to the fabric of my being. First, I am not the most educated guy on the planet having reached Ninth grade only to dropout. Soon after, I found out I had a knack, possibly even a gift for creating worlds and sharing them through writing.
I've completed Two books, each fitting the mold of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. My question is this. I know they are not the most structured pieces of literature, but I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt, they both can sell, if not for the story alone, then the content within. Can something that lacks a comma, screams for a fullstop and begs for the correct wording be published or do I need to postpone my only skill a little while longer to return to the basics? FYI, I am beginning to learn more, but surely I have not spent the past Three years writing for nothing.

Your comments will be cherished, I assure you.
There are several books on getting published. Or even easier, simply google "how to get published" (with quotes). You will find that one link leads to another. They might even highlight some of the better books that tell you how to find a literary agent etc.

Some other ideas include joining [url=" "]The Literary[/url] forum on CompuServe (it's free and you can get great advice there) or starting your own blog about writing and Sci-Fi.

A few misplaced commas here and there will be picked up by the editor. The question that all reviewers will have to answer is, will this stuff sell? Good luck.