generative gramamr is the concept of Chomsky but then what is generativism? Can somebody guide me on this? Good wishes!

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Generativism is the following or promotion of the theories of generative grammar.

"Generativism can designate an approach for relating language to the intuitive knowledge of speakers and to the mental capacities of humans at large." (Robert de Beaugrande)

The term 'Generative Grammar' is given by Noam Chomsky and "Generativism" is a movement or trend which follows the concept of 'Generative Grammar"
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what is genertive grammar ?
[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generative_grammar ]GENERATIVE GRAMMAR[/url]
what is generative grammar ?
For any given language, if you have a list of grammatical rules that is so complete that you can say, using that list of rules alone, that any given sentence (among the infinity of possible sentences) is grammatical (or not), then you have a generative grammar for that language. In another sense, generative grammar is the attempt to construct such a list of rules.

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Then, are generativism and structuralism similar?
no, they are in the opposition, I mean these are presented in comparison, as also historicism and functionalism. these 4 are divided.

generative grammar or generativism is a very important concept in linguistics. it refers to the fact that languages are systems with limited sets of linguistics item out of which we can generate endless number of sentences.
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