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hello, how are you? I live in canada and i come from the islands of luzon in the orient.
I speak canadian english different from the U.K. but its still the same because its still english.
i would like to hear from you and maybe chat. my hobbies are riding my bicycle and watching t.v you learn english by watching shows from america. you are from europe close to england but we have a different term here in canada. so if i am to fast excuse me then.
i hope to hear from you soon. vorsicht. adios.
It is little bit strange to say dear because your usser name is crazy neverthelesss a language to be alive have to use it.Try todo it together Please anderstand my begening of messages I started it so just for joke.sincerly and looking forward to hear good news about you
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What part of Germany did you come from and where are you living now? I have lots of german friends and find their culture and interest fascinating. I would love to have one more friend.
Hello everyone. I'm from Turkey and I want to develop my english too.Emotion: smile
I want to be freind with u. Do you play MSN? Please add me
I'm a Thai Boy. Good Bye.
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hi how r u nice 2 meet u
I am an English major. I might be able to help!
Hi, Can you tell me about yourself? I'd like to learn English too.
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hello. I would like to talk to you.... I am from Denmark, and have at the moment actuelly german essay fore..

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