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My name is Hesham Helmy, I am a Geophysicist working in an oil joint venture company with Bp,and before with Amoco. I am from Egypt,I live in Cairo. I have a hobby of making new friends from all over the world and send them messages in order to be opened to the different cultures.

I already registered today.I am interested to talk to beautiful , polite ladies or women .I like educated women who like to talk about life,happiness,hobbies,romance and thinking about our world and philosophies.

if possible can you please send me your photo,and please email to: Email Removed

umm i'm new here 2 but i do speak English. So i don't know who will read this message but my intention is to write it 2 crazy-nc (or something like that) hey my name is jason and i was wondering if i can get ur msn plz. or yahoo if u have Instant Messenger.
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I come from China, is studying in grade three of university now, I want to know a friend of Germany. I can understanding Germany in this way, have an opportunity to exercise my English too. I like English, but my english isn't very good. I only want to look for a real friend, while understanding the world outside, get a sincere and friendly heart too.
Learn English whilst having fun in Sunny Malta!!

Lots of young people come to Malta to Learn English and also to enjoy themselves while they're learning. English is one of the two main languages spoken in Malta so you will have to think and find the words to explain yourself. You'll soon get used to it and you will improve dramatically by immersing yourself in the language.

hai iam roshan from sri lanka who are you?
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I;m no use to you I speak Australian!Emotion: wink
hi,a boy from china ,age 21.we can help each other in english,and become friends after long.
hey german girl,
i am currently learning german at school and i know quite a bit of english if you would like to chat... Andi Emotion: smile
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I'm a teacher of English and I live and work in Germany. I'd be very happy to help you with your English and I would be very thankful if we could chat in German once in a while. Maybe it's also better for you, so that I can explain some things to you in your own language if you have problems.
I'm also trying to make new friends here in Germany.
If you are interested, send me an email or add me in msn.
Hope to hear from you soon
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