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hallo, I'm a guy who speaks 2 languages and a bit of portuguese, but english and spanish is better, lol, I speak them better, if you'd like to contact me this is my email <del. mod.> just msg me, I hope I can meet you
hello to germany I am tayfun from turkey and I want to improve my english too ıf you want to speak with me more comfortablely here is my e mail address:<del mod>please add this I will be waiting for you on my e mail. seeyou!!!!!!!!!!
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hi dear!!

i love english and want to marry in english lands

Hi crazy,

I just arrived in Hamburg. Was going thru the internet and popped came your name. I guess by now your English have had improved by miles. Anyhow, most Germans I know speaks fanstastic English...see yea.

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hiya^ ^ nice to meet u in here,my name is kandy,i come from China ,i have been live in Ireland for 2years^ ^but my English still not that great yet - - this is my e-mail address Email Removed">Email Removedhope we can become friends ^ ^ and best wishesEmotion: smile
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Hi, i´m from Chile, do you know it?? is a country ubicated in southamerica it´s a beautiful pleace and our people is very nice..
Dear firend,

Glad to meet you here ! I am Charles and from China ,22 ys, I hope to be your friend in China and we can talk with each other .

My email is <please register and write your details in your profile. Thanks, Mod>you can send me massage to that!
Hello, Anon's!

Why don't you all register and write your details in your profiles?
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hi i am looking to make some german friends, by the way i speak good english, hope i can help u. u can mail me at <please register and write details in your profile - mod>
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