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Hi Im from America Im a Native American (Indian) I would love to chat with you and help you with your english
Hi ,

How r u?

I am Indian Guy.

I want to know about Germany.

Will u tell me about Germany?

Because I want to come Germany for studying M.B.A.

Pl. give me reply.

Thank you.

I will wait for your prompt reply.

Mantavya Patel.
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Anons, WHY don't you register? What's the fun in talking from Anon to Anon?
Welcome to me!

I am from Pakistan and I love chatting with different people all around the world.

If you are free, we can chat for sometime.



My email add is <removed mod: please register and write details in your profile, thanks>
HI! I´m from Spain and I would like speak to improve my English...Chat there is amazing,I´m very happy for have found this forum.

See YOU!!![h]
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PieanneAnons, WHY don't you register? What's the fun in talking from Anon to Anon?


So, I am from germany too... I am living near Frankfurt...My english is as bad as you can imagine XD...
I'm nineteen years old, my hobbies are literature, music, design and japan as you can see in my profile...

Surprising, ...all the replies^^
hi l am hakan send me a massage
hi i m from asian.i m new in this site now could u tell me about ur country (Germany)
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Hello. I am from the U.S. I am German but speak english only. I would like to talk to a German Girl only. Do you speak english?...Let me knowEmotion: big smile...
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