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i'm from germany, too but if you like we can write in english in order to learn the language.

please excuse my bad english, i've only enjoyed it 8 years at school. Emotion: wink
Dear German gal: I can help you with your English. I alway enjoy writing.
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hi my mother came from german.

I am interested in international finance and overall business. I think that you would benefit from conversing with me because I am absolutely frank. I would be able to give you an oppurtunity to get used to American English colloquialisms (sp) (that means I don't know if the spelling is correct for that particular word). You would be able to communicate in American lingo. I don't necessarily believe that American slang and everyday language usage is the most brilliant form of communication. However, that's how everyone talks. Anyway, write me back.



P.S. Where are you from in Germany. It's a very diverse country.
Hello, I read your message on the internet and do to the fact I am also German I thoughht I would drop you a line. I am living in California, U.S.A. On the map of California you will find a city called Redding, California....Thats it....

What city do you live in?...Are you involved in and type of `political organization...Let me know a little about you...

My mother's family line came from Austria, and my father's family line came from Germany...Over here we are very proud of the fact we are Germans, and do all we can to respect what they are doing,....

Write me back if you want to communicate...Bedfjord
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Is it true that Germans pay the highest tax in the world and the hospitals and clinics are free for all?
What part of Germany do you come from? Are you in the United States?
hi my name is srikanth can i talk with u

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i think your english is good.
at this moment i am learning german , can you help me?
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