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Emotion: smileHow are you going. I am an engineering student from Brisbane, Australia and i would like to get to know the German people, especially the cute girls. I can converse with you on the net to help your english and maybe you could visit Australia one day.

hi , i talk not so good english, but i would like t practice it with somebody.

proverb: # practices makes perfects#
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hi! its rockey here!

i am indian. i am citizen of New zealnad.Now i lived in canada if u want to chat with me.
Hi Crazy-nc,

Well, I'm really glad to find another english lover here and I'd like to be in touch.

Hit me back


the Everest guy
heloo , I'm husnain from pk ... i like u much .......... want to do true love with u . please mail me at : <removed mod. Please register then write it in your profile, thanks!>

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Hi, My name is Marwan, I would love to have friends from all over the world, so, would we be friends

Marwan Chehab

Wish you have a good day
Hi there, I'm from America and I'd be happy to chat with you =) Just email me. I'm also on AIM/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo.
Hi . How r u ? Happy New Year. I also want to teach English languate. Same as u . I am waiting for your prompt reply.

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Hello Ms. Germany, [C]

My name is David and I am38 yrs young. I am from the United States. I would like to talk with you and get to know you better. You can im me on yahoo messenger. my id is Email Removed">Email Removed. e mail me or im me if you would like to talk!

auf wiedersehen, David
Crazy-ncbecome acquainted with a lot of nice people! Emotion: wink

I come from Germany and my English isn`t very good. But i love it to communicate in English and i want to learn to get better .... Emotion: smile

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