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I'm Anja, I'm from Estonia, I love the English too

und I spreche Deutsch einbischen auch Emotion: smile)

My name is Philip and I'm from Port Macquarie, Australia. My English is excellent because I am a native speaker. My German is shlekht. Your post should read:

I come from Germany and my English isn't good, but I love it and I'd like to learn more.


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i am deep a engineer in gulf region .

would like to caht in order to more about germany
hey what's your name?
Hi, Crazy-nc, nice to meet you! I'm from China and crazy about Germany. I have known something about Germany through many means. I fancy Germany's culture, traditon, people,etc. I dream of going to the fantastic country. I think I will study German before long.

Could you introduce yourself more detailedly?Emotion: big smile
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i am from india my name is Dilip i like german girls i am 26 years of age and i am looking for my best girl as my life partner wanna be my sweet one than please write to me


hello i got your message if you like just email me [address removed by Mod.] so we can talkabout the language , i want someone to teach me Deutch and i will teach him or her english.

best regard.
hi um this is an old post, but i am trying to find out about this girl from germany and i was just wondering if yu could help explain some stuff maybe? my email is [removed] or AIM is [also removed] itd be cool if you emailed me or something Emotion: smile
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hi how r u .christian a man from jordan like to know a german girl ,studying german language and have a master n business adm

hope u to reply

Emotion: big smile
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