become acquainted with a lot of nice people! Emotion: wink

I come from Germany and my English isn`t very good. But i love it to communicate in English and i want to learn to get better .... Emotion: smile
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Welcome, I'm new here too. I'm from Brazil and I love the English.
Hi, Idril!Emotion: smile
How do you do ???
Where from Brazil do you come from ???
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Hallo crazy0nc,

Ich spreche wenig Deutsche. Where in Deutscheland are you from?
I'm fine. And you?
São Paulo, do you know?
Sao Paulo. A huge city in Brazil and a great place from what I have been told.
Greetings from someone living in Chile!
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hello,I'm a boy of China.
I'm very happy to find the forum........
I'm working for a foreign trade company......but my english is not very good.....
help each other........................
hey there, I'm an American and would love to chat with you sometime.
E-mail me sometime,
hi chrissy . i am glad to chat u or send u a message. could u be my friend . i am jack smith bye for now
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