I have seen some state verbs used in the continuous form:

"I am loving it."

Could you say "He is needing you"?
I am loving it is a popular / fashionable spoken idiom at the moment in UK - but you wouldn't use it in a job interview or any such formal context.
BTW, "loving" and "needing" in your sentences are gerunds(nouns).

Yes, you can use progressive. But they convey more meaning than do the normal stative verbs.
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Enkatesu should really stop giving advice. "Loving" and "needing" in your examples are not gerunds, but present participles. "I am loving it" is common, but "He is needing you" is awkward. "He needs you" is better.

FYI, "loving" and "needing" can be gerunds, but only when they are used as nouns: "Give me some loving." "Your needing a drink is not my problem."
Could I then say My needing him is a big problem?
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