Communicating effectively and anticipating customer needs are crucial to high quality customer service.

In above sentence all are in parallel form.. And i know that sentence is grammatically correct.

As I understand, "communicating" is a gerund form..But "Communicating effectively" is also a gerund ?
for some reason, i am getting confused by usages like this.

I realise that sentence can be written using "effective communication and anticipation of customer needs", but i just need to get comfortable with kind of usage mentioned above..

Would appreciate if one can explain me a bit. Thank you.. I

The word 'gerund' is going out of favour, with '-ing verb form' now preferred; the result, however, is the same: a gerund is an -ing verb form used as a noun.

In your initial sentence, communicating effectively and anticipating customer needs are nonfinite clauses acting as nouns (in this case, the sentence's compound subject): this makes their heads, the -ing verb forms, gerunds-- so the gerunds are communicating and anticipating. Communicating effectively and anticipating customer needs are gerundival clauses, or just '-ing clauses'.
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thank you Mister Micawber.. Just another question on parallelism of gerunds..

Why isn't the following sentence considered parallel ? Thank you..

Effective communication, anticipation of customer needs and learning from mistakes are crucial to high quality service..

They are loosely parallel (i.e. all nouns), but not strictly so. The first two are nominal in both form and function (communication, anticipation), but the third (learning) is only a noun in function; it is an -ing verb form.
Thank you..
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