I have to translate a series of Powerpoint slides from French into English. All of these slides contain a section called "Objectives" that gives the objectives of a product or service in a bullet list. I was wondering what form of the verb had to be used in such cases.

For instance

- Reducing/To reduce/Reduce the costs of the service...

In the above example, which one would native speakers most commonly use?

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I'd say "reducing", but then I'm not a native...
Hello Kangiten

I'd say it depended on the list of objectives. For instance, if you can start each bulleted objective with a verb, I would use an infinitive:

To reduce costs.
To disseminate false information about grammatical choices.
To get wasted.
To bifurcate guinea pigs.

On the other hand, if your list of objectives has to include items that start with a noun-phrase, I would use the gerund:

Reducing costs.
Dissemination of free kazoos.
A plentiful supply of liquor.
Bifurcating guinea pigs.

In terms of objectives, the gerund also has more sense of an objective in progress; whereas the infinitive implies that the objective is to be completed. So in the first list, you would have to reduce costs to fulfil the objective. In the second list, you would only have to be in the process of reducing costs.

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Thank you very much for your help :=)
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