According to a site on Gerund Phrase, it is possible to eliminate a compound sentence by changing it into a gerund phrase with a preposition.
Jerry has an annoying habit, and it is slamming doors.
Jerry has an annoying habit of slamming doors.

Could someone please give me other examples.

Thanks in advance.
Hello VC

I think it's OK. I found online an example as follows;

My husband has this annoying habit of saying, "Oh, baby" during sex.

How about the following examples which I made?

(1) The book has an interesting article and it is on the USA.

The book has an interesting article of on the USA. => Even though this sentence doesn't have a gerund phrase.

(2) I went to a place and it was very quite.
I went to a place of very quite.

Could someone please check if these sentences do make sense?

Thanks in advance.
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I'm just a learner, but I think they should be:

The book has an interesting article on the USA. (of out)
I went to a place very quite. (of out)
hi VC,

I'm not so sure if the examples you've given are exactly the ones you're looking for as they don't go according to the same pattern as the previous one.

In addition, I think it would sound better if you said in

#1) about the USA
and in
#2) a place of quietness

and my example

A friend of mine has a hobby, and it is foxhunting.
A friend of mine has a hobby of hunting foxes.
...I went to a place of very quite...

Here, you would simply say 'I went to a very quiet place'.

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There are only a limited number of abstract nouns for which this pattern applies. From the examples below, you can pretty much guess the kind of noun that is needed. The "of ---ing" phrase forms an appositive to the noun in question.

Among the possibilities are "habit", "custom", "tradition", "situation", "predicament", and "problem".

They had the tradition of waking up at 4 o'clock and watching the sun rise every Easter.

They were in the unenviable predicament of owing money to everyone they knew.

They were faced with the problem of not knowing what to do with the puppy they had found on their doorstep.

They were in the awkward position of having to refuse the invitation.