He rang ____a table for four.

a. for to order

b. to reserve

c. for reserve

d. making a reservation for


Which is the correct answer?

Please explain the grammar points of a,b,c and d.


With best wishes.

Which is the correct answer? b

Please explain the grammar points of a,b,c and d.
b is correct. a, c, and d are wrong.
He rang. Why? To reserve a table.
Only b shows an infinitive of purpose, which is needed to answer the question "Why?"
Hi Bhikkhu

You not only credited your source, but also simply asked a question about a tiny bit of what is to be found there, so I don't think there is any problem at all as regards copyright.
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It´s answer (b) B for Bojangle !!!
Remember this.... you can´t use for and to together.
Regular and irregular verbs in their past form will determine which preposition you use when there is a noun/adjctive after the preposition. ..if you have to use a second verb immediately after the prepositon then the preposition will be a to..if the word following the preposition is a noun/adjective then use for.
If there is no immediate second verb then use for...and either..an article or an adjctive

Hope that helps
Mr Bojangle
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