Hi everybody!

I’m writing an article about sports food. Could you, please, check if my sentence grammatically correct?

The second myth is about sports food overburdening the digestive and excretion systems

Thanks in advance
"Excretory" will properly parallel "digestive." (Both adjectives) I believe the rest is okay. - A.

P.S. Where's the gerund?? If you said, "This is about overburdening your system," then "overburdening" would serve as a noun (gerund) as object of the preposition "about." As you have it, I suspect the whole bloody phrase to the end of the sentence serves as object. If you had to pick a single word, I think the object would be "food."
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I thought that the part after sports food is the gerund Emotion: headbang
I could be wrong. I see that part as a participial phrase modifying "food" or "sports food," therefore being adjectival in function. I understand that it's probably more about the "overburdening" than about the food, but I can't see the noun function.
Thank you very much!
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"Overburdening" is used as a participle, not a gerund.