I have been looking every where for an answer to this question :

What is the difference between Decision making and Making decision .. ?
I understood from all the articles I have read that one of them is a gerund and the other is a present participle .. is that correct ?
If so , could you please tell me what are the differences between them ..
Thanks in advance ..
You'll have to put them into sentences before we can analyze their functions, serenity.
Here are the sentences .. [ Hope they are correct ]
Decision making is an essential part of Busniess Management .
Making decisions is an essential part of Busniess Management .
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They are fine, except that 'decision-making' should be hyphenated and 'business' is misspelt). A gerund is an -ing verb form used as a noun. 'Decision-making' in the first sentence is the subject, so 'making' is a gerund.

In the second sentence, 'making' is not the subject; the subject is the whole nonfinite clause, 'making decisions', and the participial -ing verb form is the head of that clause.
Thanks for answering ..

can I rephrase the last part of the above by saying that if a sentence starts with a clause ( V-ing + Noun ) , the verb in the clause will be regarded as a present participle not a gerund ? ..
No, I don't think so-- you need a verb object (or complement?) too, I think. This is a gerund:

Dancing in the rain is fun.
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'decision-making' is the intellectual understanding of the process of how decisions are best made. It could be taught as part of a course in Logic.

'making decisions' are the actual, day-to-day decisions that we make, whether in business ("I'd better give him a ring and arrange a time to sign these contracts"), home, ("I'll have eggs for breakfast please!") leisure ("the umpire said the ball was out - argue with him not me, it was his decision.") , whatever ("Nah, don't want to!"