When asked whether gerunds are nouns or verbs, I say they are both. Am I right? Do gerunds display characteristics of both nouns and gerunds?


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There are so many posts at this site and I do not have the time to answer them all, but may I suggest you buy a good book on grammar.-Ron in Tasmania
What do you see as the function of this site, Ron?
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It's not a one-man show, Ron.
I realize that it is not a onbe-man show but I find, as a busy person, that it is difficult to know where to come in with so many requests for advice. If you have any advice on this problem let me know.-Ron in Tasmania
Hi Ron,

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My advice is to just answer what you have time for and what interests you in some way.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks Clive....will do.-Ron
PS: And I think we'll wait for MrP on this one, Rocky Bilbao. Gerunds are right up his alley.
Absolutely right, Rocky. Your answer is spot on.

All the best,

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