Dear Teachers,

1. A: The phone is ringing? B: Mary! Could you get that for me?

- B means "could you answer the phone for me?", right?

2. I've been meaning to take my machine in to get fixed, but I haven't gotten around to it.

- "I haven't gotten around to it" means "I haven't had it fixed yet", right?

Thanks a lot to Teachers,

Yes, you have the meaning of it.

"Gotten around to it" means you have not gotten whatever it is (in this case, getting the machine fixed) accomplished. It could be cleaning out the garage, making a dotor's appointment, getting your hair cut, writing the novel you keep saying you'll write - whatever.
I'm sorry to 'pick up' this old thread, but I have a question about 'get around'.

I've just found this dialogue:

M. Where have you been this time, Claire?
C. I've just come back from the States.
M. You get around, don't you?

What's get around supposed to mean in this case? It doesn't seem to fit the meaning you gave in the previous posts. Could it be: 'you travel a lot', maybe?

Thank you in advance Emotion: smile
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Stevenukd- "I haven't gotten around to it" means "I haven't had it fixed yet", right?

Right! I have a refrigerator magnet that is round in shape, yellow background with green letters TUIT. Whenever someome tells me they "just haven't gotten around to it yet", I offer this round tuit magnet.....they get the point. Emotion: wink
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Hi Fran,

Like most idioms, adding or subracting a few words will change the entire meaning. To "get around to it" is entirely different from just "geting around."

If you get around a lot, it can simly mean you travel widely, or that you have "your thumb in a lot of pies" (that you are involved in many activities). Someone says to you "How did you know about that?" and you reply with a wink, "Oh, I get around."

A lesser-used meaning can even has a rather negative sense of having a lot of sexual partners - "Yeah, she, uh, she gets around, if you know what I mean." (Context and tone of voice will tell you if that's the intended meaning, but in most cases it won't be.)
Hi Barb! Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, I entirely got it now Emotion: smile