Had the album been finished, we could have got away with having a bad opening show, doing a press conference to launch our tour in K-Mart in NYC and stuff like that. The difficulty was that the record wasn't able to support all these new bright ideas.

1. I understand that "got away with" here means no one would pay attention to it.

2. Dose the last sentence mean that all their original ideas for the shows and press conference were not accepted because the record was too poor. The record didn't help them to make it all look better?
"Got away with" really means "to go unpunished for a mistake or misdeed."
The students always misbehaved in Mrs. Smith's class. They knew they could get away with it because Mrs. Smith was retiring at the end of the year and didn't care if her students paid attention or not.
Once the city installs red-light cameras, we won't be able to get away with running the light at State and Main, even at three a.m.. when there's nobody on the streets.
Yes, I think the last sentence means that the record's quality wasn't good enough to make up for the missteps in promoting it.
Thanks a lot Delmobile!