Chloe has a fiance - Jimmy.
Chloe: Everything with you looks so easy.
Davis: Look, Chloe I'm not trying to get between you and the rest of your life. (her and Jimmy or just the part that she's helping people?)

Chloe: Davis, I help people. That's what I do. You know, this

(the people helping not their relations, right?) doesn't have
to mean any more than that.
Davis: Yeah but it does. Did you help me because of
some personal code of ethics, or was there more to it than that?
1. between her and any/all of the rest of her life beyond her professional relationship with him (Davis). He probably means Jimmy, but doesn't want to say so. "The rest of your life" means all of it - except the "helping."

2. Yes, the people-helping, not their "personal" relations.
Thanks, Avangi!