From Chart Attack, "While many of the bands who get video contracts fall into the nu metal category, it only makes sense that some electronic artists get in on the action. Montreal resident/Ninja Tune recording artist Amon Tobin has just hooked up with Ubisoft for the soundtrack to Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory game, which will be available for PC and Xbox before the holidays. Tobin's music for the game is reportedly both 'playful' and 'menacing.'"

what does the sentanse within the quotation marks mean? What does "get in on the action" mean? get involved and do something different?

Thank you.
get into the fray, get into the proceedings, get into that kind of business/activity

similar to:
get into the act
- try to be part of whatever is going on
Everybody at the party wanted to get into the act and join with the

or, another definition:

get into the act
Also, get in the act. Become involved in some activity or venture, as
in Everybody wants to get into the act on this offer, or I'm sure his
agent plans to get in the act and start negotiations. This expression
alludes to inserting oneself into a performance. [Mid-1900s]
get in on the action means
to jump on the bandwagon
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