The more friends you have, the more you may enjoy the fun of life. However, it is always difficult to make new friends. When you are at school, college and university, making friends is easy. People there are of a similar age with nearly similar interests. However, making friends later on can be more difficult. You may meet more people, but few of them can become your real friends. Sometimes you have to change your living circumstance. Then what can you do to get new friends? The following advice may help you. First, don’t stay in one place and wait for new friends to come to you. Do something to give you and others an opportunity to know each other. Second, join in a Friendly Society or Friendship Club nearby. That’s a great way to meet people. Third, try not to be shy when meeting people for the first time. Fourth, never ask people personal questions. Last, be ready to help when a friend really needs your help. Someone may really need your help and that’s the time you show him/her you’re a real friend. Do remember that finding a good friend won’t happen overnight, and that you need to work at keeping friendships.
Thanks for sharing with us. After I have read this letter, I found that I need to change myself to get friends. I am sometimes selfish. Emotion: big smile ,