At a toy factory

Worker: You're meant to take a time card, put it in the clock, like this. Then push
down on this, and it stamps the time on your card.
New worker: What time?
Worker: The time you which started work which is now 10:30. So, get to it.
New worker: Well, what do I do?
Worker: Stand at the assembly line.
New worker: How do we do that?
Worker: It's dead easy. Watch me, I start by putting the square blocks in the square holes.
You'll soon get the hang of it.
New worker: Get the hang of it?
Worker: Get used to doing it. Get on with it.
New worker: OK. I'll put some more square blocks in the square holes. Da, da, da, that's fun.


What does "Get on with it" mean in this dialogue?

Thank you


Start doing what you are supposed to be doing.



Thank you, Clive