Hello everybody.

I don't know what 14th mean?

Get Otis in from the 14th now!

I am on it.

Otis is the name of a police dog.

Thanks so much.


What's the context?

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Jamal 1315Get Otis in from the 14th now!

It probably means "Arrange for Otis to be lent to us from the 14th police precinct immediately."

Solace 2015

The police found a piece of dress from the murdered somewhere and the head says his assistant to get the dog in from the 14th.

Again at the same context, the police is entering an apartment for a killer.

One of the police says: "Two men on each exit, 6 going in.

Sawyer, runs the perimeter."

I don't get the meaning of perimeter here.

Thanks so much.

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Jamal 1315perimeter

It's the outside edge of any object or area of interest. If you walk the perimeter of a building, for example, you walk all the way around the building until you return to the point where you started.


Jamal 1315police is

"police are"