I just heard of a phrase whick goes like "get *** points" in English. *** is a cake or a chocolate cake. For example, you go to see your girlfriend's parents for the first time, and finally they like you a lot. Then someone can say you got *** points. So does anyone know what the complete phrase exactly is?

p.s. I use "***" stuff to replace the word I don't know.

Anybody knows that?
From a native British speaker.

The word you are looking for is 'Brownie'

Although the Americans have a cake called a brownie, and this is beginning to be used occasionally in Britain, this phrase does not make sense as a reference to a cake.

This is a bit of a guess but I would think it comes from an organisation called the Brownies. This is a national organisation for young girls, quite a formal set-up with uniforms etc, and one of their main joys is to collect merit badges in various subjects.
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That's right! Get brownie points! That's what I am just looking for!
Thank you very much!