Hi there.
Will you help me?

I'm particularly concerned about the personnel department. It seems to be a quagmire of unrelated things. My personnel manager does a marvelous job with what has been handed her, but there has to be some easier way to handle all the bits and pieces of stuff that gets thrown her way.

What does "gets thrown her way" mean?

Thank you.

just means anything that is given you to do - in this case - the random tasks which end on her desk for her to deal with
Well... sorry, suzi. The way I questioned is not good.
I know her way means tasks she deals with.

What I don't know is "get thrown" in that sentence.
I (in that sentence) don't think that her way is good? I (in that sentence) think she has to quit her way and find new one?

Thanks anyway.

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ah - I see

"her way" in this case does not mean the method she uses to do things,

it means "in her direction" - or "thrown at her" or "or dumped on her" for her to deal with.

Did she get the wrong direction? Did she get lost on her way to the path? Is this what you mean?
Thank you very much for answering my question, suzi.
Uh-oh...I misundersood what "her way" means, didn't I?

Now I can completely understand it.
Thank you again, suzi.
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I am afraid I don't understand this sentence.
Hello, maj.

Maybe the personnel manager alone does a lot of work. So I (in that sentence) think there has to be more effective way than her dealing with it.