"it wasn't really made clear what i was trying to find out except that i was to get to know her."

i am unable to understand the phrase "get to know" here and also the whole sentence.Please inform me many thanks.
Most commonly, "get to" means "travel to" (e.g., "You can get to Chicago by bus"). Its use in your sentence above is a metaphorical use of that meaning. Let me explain by comparing these two sentences:

1- I'd like to know you.
2- I'd like to get to know you.

The first is plain enough: "I would like to know you." How is the second different? It means something more like "I would like to become acquainted with you" or "I would like to travel to the state of knowing you." It means that I would enjoy the process of learning more about you.

Your original sentence means something like this:

"It was not made clear what specific things I was trying to learn about her; it was only said that I should become acquainted with her."
Hello Jif

Thank you for the nice explanation. I too thought this "get to know her" would mean "become friends with her" or even "become her lover". But for me it's tough to know the exact meaning of the whole sentence. I feel "it wasn't made clear what I was trying to find out" is rather a wordy expression in this context. Does it mean something like "I didn't know what I should do"? I mean, the sentence is saying like "I didn't know what I should do other than to become her friend". Am I right?

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You're certainly correct that the sentence is unclear without any context. I read a lot into it, really. The phrase "what I was trying to find out" implied to me that the speaker had been charged with speaking to this woman, but he didn't know exactly why, only that we was "to get to know her."
Hi Jif

Thank you. You are right. It's like a jigsaw puzzle to answer the meaning of a sentence without being given the context.

Thanks for your answers i have attached the pages which include the sentence for a better understanding.
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it wasn't really made clear what i was trying to find out except that i was to get to know her
It sounds like something from a spy story. An agent was assigned the task of becoming acquainted with the woman, but nobody told him the reason for doing so in a very clear way. The agent believes there is some information the woman has which he must find out, but he doesn't know what information that is.

"(to) get to" followed by a verb almost always means "to have the opportunity, privilege, choice, or permission" (of doing something, whatever the following verb means). The odd thing is that "to get to know" is an exception. In the case of "to get to know", "to get to" merely focuses on the beginning of the knowing, meaning something like "to start to know".

"was to" means "was assigned to", "was supposed to", "had the duty to", in case that portion of the sentence is troublesome for you.