Would you please help me understand what "get your shot" in this dialogue mean? Dillard is the suspect, and Minor is one of the prosecutors. Any and all help would be very much appreciated.

"But Dillard didn't kill her here," said Minor.

"Maybe he didn't kill her at all," I offered.

"Come on. There's not much doubt about that. Otherwise, why's Haney lining up his psychiatric experts? You examined him yet?"

"Can't talk about that."


"You'll have to ask Haney. If he goes with the psychological defense, I'm sure you guy will get your shot."

It was the kind of case, a couple of years back, I would have been testifying as a prosecution witness myself, gathered around the table with the rest of them, drinking and joking. Things had changed, though, since Minor's promotion --- and I was on the outside now.

Hiro/ Sendai, Japan
I'm sure you guys will get your chance.

The idea is that you guys will get your chance to shoot down (destroy) Haney's defense.

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Then, it's like "get your shot on the target," isn't it?

Hiro/ Sendai, Japan
Yes, it's like that. We'd say "get your shot at the target" or "get your chance to shoot at the target".